New York School of Feng Shui

New York School of Feng Shui

Certificate Practitioner programs in:

Feng Shui
Ecological Green Living Designs
Space Clearing
Sacred Geometry

The Feng Shui Practitioner Certificate Training Program with Roger Green is held over six modules throughout the year and dedicated to teaching you the principles of Classical Feng Shui for you to become a confident practitioner. We also integrate studies in ecological sustainable designs, sacred geometry, space clearing, and EMF remediation.

You have the option of doing this training completely online (6 modules to view).

The online training over the years has been very successful with our international students. Each month we send you a link- with a password- to view each of the 4 day trainings with Roger Green, plus one module at the end on sacred geometry.

You can start the online training at anytime of the year.

Graduates from our Feng Shui training also receive a 20% discount if they decide in the following year to attend the Academy Healing Nutrition training- visit for more details.

Form School, Ming Gua, Ba Zhai and Flying Star

If you're looking for a Feng Shui school with an emphasis on excellence and quality, you've come to the right place!

Roger Green teaching Feng ShuiBelow is information on:

Our unique and time tested curriculum

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NY School curriculum

New York School of Feng Shui

Six 4-day modules are viewed online.

Flexible training timetable:

You have the choice and flexibility of attending in-house or watching in your own time with our online desktop stream.

If you wish to start the online trainings here is a good timetable to follow:
Module 1 Form School
Module 2

Ba Gua, Ming Gua, Ba Zhai, Flying Star

Module 3 4 Pillars Training
Module 4 Review exam, projects, on-site consultations
Module 5 Review questions and advanced 4 pillars training
Module 6 Sacred Geometry Training

We have a dynamic and exciting year planned ahead. Join us for in depth training in the professional practice of Feng Shui.

Do you want to:

  • Transform your life and help others transform theirs?
  • Begin a new career that is sustainable and fulfilling?
  • Enhance your existing career?
  • Make a valuable contribution to your community?
  • Integrate ancient wisdom with the challenges of modern life?
  • Fully experience the inter-connectedness of ourselves with  our environment?

This could be the start of your new and exciting journey!

Join the world's most comprehensive, longest established and most successful curriculum in Classical Feng Shui and Taoist Philosophy with teacher Roger Green and Associates.

Our practitioner certificate programs, developed over the past 25 years, is a series of unique seminars that makes Classical Feng Shui, Natural Healing, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing and Ecological Design awareness - accessible, engaging, inspiring and EMPOWERING!

studentsThe certificate course is taught in six modules.

The program has been specially designed to optimize your learning. It provides you with a complete experience aimed towards you being a competent practitioner. These seminars develop confidence and understanding to enhance your own life as well as the lives of other people. You will learn all the  necessary skills for you to be well placed in the growing market of Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Eco-Design.

You will explore the universal principles and ancient wisdom and make this knowledge culturally relevant to our modern times. The training offers many advanced techniques, and emphasizes the classical schools of Feng Shui.

Courses are taught in a series of focused modules. This approach gives students time to digest information and apply what they have learned before continuing their course work.

studentsIntegrate the various techniques of feng shui into a dynamic, creative and flexible approach. An in depth study of the 4 Pillars, Flying Star, Ba Zhai, Ming Kwa, Lo Pan compass and Form School Principles along with personal development and awareness. Learn how the universal energy 'chi' manifests into your life. Learn how to capture this 'chi' for health, longevity and helping others in their life path.

Study Ecological sustainable designs, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing, Dowsing, and working with EMF 's (Electro-Magnetic-Fields)

Workbooks with information not available from any other source based on Roger's 25 years experience and practical involvement with Feng Shui and Natural Healing.

Study and Qualify as a Practitioner in:
Feng Shui Consultant
Ecological Design Advisor
Space Clearing
Sacred Geometry applications

Our Educational Approach...Teach principles, not dogma.

About the training modules

outdoor classroomWho should consider doing this training?
  • Design professionals who are seeking greater harmony and profound change in their lives and the lives of their clients
  • People who want to become professional feng shui consultants
  • People who want to initiate profound change in their lives and the lives of others
Practicing feng shui is ideal
  • For positively influencing family, health, finances, and relationships
  • When buying or renting a house or an apartment
  • When constructing and siting a building
  • When establishing a new enterprise or aiding a failing business
  • For promoting health and ecological integrity
  • You will develop confidence and understanding to enhance your own life as well as the lives of others.
  • You will learn all the necessary skills for success in the growing market for feng shui consultants, ecological services, and holistic advice.
  • You will explore universal principles and ancient wisdom and make this knowledge culturally relevant to modern times.
  • You will learn all the necessary skills for success in the growing market for feng shui consultants, ecological services and holistic advice.
  • Our program will help you enhance the lives of hundreds of individuals, who will in turn, enhance the lives of thousands more.

Right now we have the opportunity to spread more light, healthy attitudes and optimism on our planet than at any other time in recent history. I urge you to take advantage of this amazing time and delve deeply into ways you can help nurture and protect the planet. This curriculum is one of those tools.

Our purpose is to affirm our wholeness and to trace the common thread which unites all things.

Innovative, Revitalizing, Practical and Transformative – Get involved!


  • Training modules starts again October
  • There is a total of six modules to meet standards of the practitioners certificate training.

The Academy of Healing Nutrition

We also conduct our Nutrition Coaching and Holistic Healing through The Academy of Healing Nutrition. Note: upon graduation, you can also receive a special 20% reduction of fees in training with The Academy Healing Nutrition -a curriculum that qualifies you as a holistic wellness and nutritional coach.

Students can also attend the Holistic Counseling Practitioner Certificate Course at the Academy of Healing Nutrition, founded by Roger Green. Study the longevity diet, practical cooking, natural healing and many other topics held over a 10-weekend program, held over 10-months. View video clips from the ten modules.

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