Dan Winter syllabus
Compiled by Dan Winter www.soulinvitation.com

1.Consider that in a unified field everything is waves moving about in a universal jello

2. In that universal jello or "ether" the only self organizing shape is the donut or smoke ring or torus..

3. Those donuts or vortex pairs arrange themselves like trumpets into the faces of the platonic solids, and this is called the atomic table (matter). (1,3cube,5dodec,7icos donut vortex pair make 2,6,10,14 electron-s,p,d,f subshells:all matter)

4. When a wave in this jello or ether moves in a line it is called energy, when the same wave is "sucked" into a circle, the slight gyroscopic resistance to change of position, is called "matter". In physics, INERTIA stored is the ONLY definition of mass. The wave moving in a circle creates matter (as opposed to "doesn't matter".) This is called quantum mechanics, because elements of the waves spin can only stand still when meeting themselves from opposing directions. This separates the jello or ether into packets or envelopes of waves, storing spin inertia. So "the creator" (fractal attraction) is the principle of self reference (self/awareness) which steered the wave into the circle, from the line. I am that I am.

5. Something has to provide "centering force" to hold the wave going in a circle in the same place (widening gyre with a center that will not hold?).

6. This "centering force" is what happens when waves "collapse", "implosively" toward a center. IMPORTANTLY: this collapse inward function is called many names!:
a. implosion
b. gravity
c. magnetic monopole
d. scalar wave
e. recursion
f. self reference
g. in PHI knit

7. Waves get this permission to CONcresce (gather all crests to one point) when they all arrange their distance from that point by PHI or Golden Mean ratio. This is because this allows "recursive" or repeated adding AND multiplying of their interference. This perfects constructive interference from many directions at once.

8. Therefore gravity occurs BECAUSE the outer waves nest (electron for example on an atomic scale, or long wave ley lines on a planetary one) BECOMES SELF SIMILAR or recursive to the inner waves nest (neutrons in an atom.) This pattern on the outside repeated in the pattern on the inside is the definition of FRACTALITY. THIS MEANS LITERALLY THAT FRACTALITY CREATES GRAVITY.

9. When waves are drawn to a focus, they automatically sort out those which cannot pass the laws of symmetry to let them pass the vortex which focus creates. This means that WHATEVER CREATES FOCUS CREATES SORTING. This also means that THE TEST OF PERFECT SYMMETRY, IS THE SAME AS THE TEST FOR WHAT IS PERFECTLY SHAREABLE (AS A WAVE OR IDEA OR EMOTION OR INTENT OR PERSON OR FEELING OR...).

10. Perfect fractal or recursive or nestable or "embedable" symmetry is thus literally a test for pure intention.

11. When waves can agree to meet sustainably this is called "sacred".

12. The Golden Mean or PHI ratio perfects recursion/embedding/intention/gravity/awareness/response-ability/implo sion/mass/sorting..

13. The role of MIND among waves... is to align the still points... which guides them into the PHI ratio of recursion.. permitting them to stay still. They get permission to stand as wave (called "eck" -or charge- in "stasis" / ecstacy). This creates the tingle in your body in the place you have chosen to place your attention/ you have aligned field effects to "concrescence" or centering. This compression of the ethers is the principle by which matter is created out of light.

14. When the harmonics of a brain (eeg) or heart (ekg) or planet (schuman series), enter into nesting by powers of PHI, then that (or any) biological oscillator becomes: a. self organizing b. self aware c. eck-static examples include the sustainable elimination of addiction and attention deficit in brainwave neurofeedback work using this principle. (see Marty Wuttke links)

15. The power of placing a limit ("power of limits" by doczi) on any oscillator is that in order to emerge from chaos, IT MUST TAKE THE PATH OF PHI-LO taxis. (Perfect branching based on PHI.) examples include stock market becomes predictable when volume harmonics become PHI / and heart waves become sustainable (all chronic diseases end) when the harmonics arrange themselves into Phi embedability.

16. EKG harmonics only heartlink/ ASCEND into this perfect fractal or "heart rate variability" when you feel wonder/compassion/truth because this exactly corresponds to what is electrically distributable or shareable.

17. The reason "only love bends the light, so therefore only love creates" is because this feeling of compassion permits compression which permits centering which draws in the linear light into the circle. The same electrical centering force/literal gravity of glandular emotion, creates steerage among wormholes.. dream.. bardo.. star.. navigating force.

see advanced syllabus below

ptero winged. heli cal wing pteros

dactyl finger..

phi- is dactylic proportion..

what makes finger.

phy lo taxis

spark gap at end of finger of god touching man is phi because of phi proportion of joints leading to that finger... spark harmonic is phi's ray/fire.. harmonic content able to embed all, and send human charge on wings..

an advanced syllabus

Unified Field Precis..

Mind Aligns (Permits Compression) among Waves..

Matter is created from Aether by Compression..

Non linearity of the vortex, is the origin of matter and energy in the aether..

IS the Centripetal Origin..

(Creation), Counterthrust to Entropy..

The path out of chaos for any oscillator is embedability..

1. feelings have shape..

2. feeling is made of magnetic lines, folding "nondestructively"

3. emotion is magnetism,energy in motion BETWEEN frequencies...this is the scalar wave we have called gravity...

4. where gravity is most dense capacitive power spectra is power of phi..

5. when magnetic lines braid by ratio phi, waves accelerate thru lightspeed, making soul force & ability to lucid dream...(reason to learn hygiene of ecstatic process

6. that this braid can be influenced by sonic waves from glands (loving ekg) right in the dna.. Carrier wave in DNA is UV thread, braid to string to rope to fat rope, envelope to carrier ratio phi until the inertia of envelope implodes its own carriers making soul.. psychologically this requires sorting more and more ringing in your ears the dna of your ancestors yearning..

7. what you see when you close your eyes depends on this penetration of biology's magnetism thru lightspeed..

8. genepools survive directly into embedding into planets & stars by this principle, of waves inhabiting or embedding larger waves.

9. Surviving the solar storm requires this acheiving of "scale invariance"..

10. To Inhabit is to Embed (Incarnate)

11. Embedability is Phi-Lo Tactic (Recursion Perfected)