NEXUS ARTICLE - By Dan Winter Edited by Lisa Doust and Roger Green

Introduction Dan Winter explains how the heart's music can actually be measured using his newly developed HeartTuner.

When Einstein commented that a 'magnetic monopole' (wormhole) was the relationship of gravity to charge, he effectively foretold a clue to his own dilemma. He knew that geometry was the connection of electromagnetism to gravity, but what was the geometry of infinite compression? Faraday observed that "Electrical capacity is to gravity as inductance is to magnatesim..." If this is correct, then the energy stored in the capacitor (a device for accumulating and holding an electrical charge) is in the form of a gravitational field. Townsend Brown also found that weight reduction in charged capacitors only occurs when the positive plate is placed upside to the negative plate. If the negative plate is above, the device inceases in weight. Dan Davidson et al then observed that the amount of weight change is greatest if a smaller capacitor is nested under a larger capacitor. The most obvious follow-on experiment would be to nest capacitors in the Golden Ratio of recursion (or embedding) to produce optimum charge compression, and therefore the greatest gravity. My point is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to solve the unified field, you just have to understand the geometry of compression. It stands to reason that if you compress charge, you store the inertia of that charge, which is known in physics as 'mass'. What physics missed, however, was the way waves used PHI recursion to send a portion of that inertia through light-speed at the implosion centre to produce the 'magnetic monopole', the term Einstein used to describe gravity. But why is it necessary to understand unified physics? Because understanding how to embed yourself into that vortex wormhole tornado is the role of the mind among waves. To date, physics has not even questioned why people lose weight measureably at the instant of death, or why radioactive half-life is measureably reduced by focused human attention. In both cases, restoring the charge fractality keeps a little tornado vortex better centered in a bigger tornado. That centering force IS gravity, and IS proof that attention IS the creation of charge implosion.

The following parable was developed from teachings on 'How to be a Shaman' in Maya Country... The Tornado approaching your home town threatens to destroy everyone there. You are the shaman sent walking out from town to meet the tornado. Your job is to steer the tornado around your home town and save the townsfolk. The procedure is to 'Eat the Hoocha' of the tornado by creating a magnetic suction motion into the center of your belly. This is known as 'Eating the Anger' of the storm. The skill to feeling the tornado's magnetic center of gravity OUTSIDE yourself - as if it were INSIDE - requires the (recursive) turning inside-out of your inner field. You essentially magnetically create a picture inside yourself which is so self-similar to the picture outside that the outside falls in! The result of this exercise is that you end up feeling the tornado's feelings magnetically better than it is able to feel for itself. By embedding yourself into the tornado's electrical centre of gravity, you are able to steer it. On a psychological level, the limited self-awareness of the tornado falls in 'love' with you, the shaman, and follows you around like a pet horse being whispered to by a horse whisperer.

Tornado self-awareness - whereby the tornado, depending on how much anger it contains, appears to actively steer itself around people to prevent death - is a well-known phenomenon. This is more than a subjective thing - the Sentic waveform for anger is maximum destructive wave interference. 'Eating' the anger of the storm means that you provide the implosive (or centering) force where only what can be shared emerges from total focus. If current physics is right in thinking that the universe is comprised of strings, wormholes, songlines, vortex etc, then steering tornados may indeed be the role of the mind among waves. The skill to embedding yourself or screwing yourself into a wave outside your body - from inside out - may well be related to survival.

Implosion happens when destructive interference (heat) stops and when a centreing force (consciousness as self-reference) steers waves to 'agree'. The 'turning point' is when you learn to 'slip the knot' by completing the necessary turns to turn inside out.
A simple thing such as recursion optimised to make gravity could save the genepool. Christians refer to the solar maxima compression wave as 'rapture'. Knowing how to become compressed through inPHI-knit-tie is DNA's secret to surviving death. Recursion (or embedding) is compression without destruction - and that, in short, is the history of storing data and waves and memory and people.
Now you can see how attention can be taught by measuring charge implosion in brainwaves. DNA functions to implode charge by braiding recursively, thus compressing biological memories through the speed of light (the result being that we are able to travel in time, dream and die successfully). It would appear that genetic engineers do not understand how the field effect around DNA penetrates light speed and implodes; furthermore, they do not care that the chief biological purpose of DNA is the production of a field effect - otherwise they would not dare to resequence the codons without measuring the loss of coherence (ie: loss of Life Force).
With 2nd order FFT to measure internal coherence elegantly, we can measure how much death is created in DNA by genetic engineers. If only they would do the study!

I believe Life Force is measurable because the priniciple of life itself is the ability to attract and self-organise charge! Compassion is the way charge is attracted because it steers waves by into non-destructive compression/implosion, which the 'HeartTuner' (formerly known as HeartLink) measures via harmonic analysis of the heart.

So, how does the heart solve the problem of implosion and compression (ie: attracting and self-organising charge)? By getting centripedal ORDERING (implosive) instead of centrifugal (explosive) DISORDERING. This suggests that during a state of bliss or euphoria the heart may draw its power directly from the gravitational field. Imagine how a smoke-ring donut would suck into itself continously, the outside becoming the inside. If this could be sustained, how much spin momentum would the smoke-ring donut attract to itself? Our hypothesis about Life Force being 'charge recursion' suggests that the ability to attract charge (fractal attractiveness) may well be the definition of Life Force. Let us now ask how the heart might manage this neat trick. Does the heart somehow create a 'fractal attractor' for charge, thus making it self-organising and self-sustaining electrically? Could understanding the 'PHIre' in the heart be the solution to our energy problems. And could the electrical shape of the heart's beat as a wave within a wave be the holy grail for our energy problems? When scientists measure the way the heart gathers its voltage, they see a series of nested donuts, one inside the other. Our hypothesis is that when the ratio of the size of these donuts (toroidal voltage gradient waves nested recursively) approaches the Golden Mean Ratio (.618), then the heart begins to IMPLODE or COMPRESS NON-DESTRUCTIVELY. Hence, could it be that if you get the GEOMETRY of the electrical TORRENT cascading thru the center or your heart, it becomes IMPLOSIVE, SELF-ORGANISING and SELF-SUSTAINING? Could this be a model of the PHI-Ring of the Heart? This model is something you can test for yourself using the HeartTuner. When we analyse the voltage wave coming from your heart (ECG/EKG), we can see the relative size of the sine waves (revolved into donuts), which were nested together to make your heart beat. When the musical fundamental of your heart's beat changes from octave/cubic geometry to 'non-linear' PHI-based PENT geometry, we have consistentlty been observing a change in psychological states. The HeartTuner will display an Emotion Index (EI) number which, when 1.0 (multiples of octaves), suggests the geometry of membrane making. This is often intellectual activity. When this EI number gets to a multiple of Golden Mean (such as .62), we have found people are mostly feeling more 'touch permissive'. We call this 'membrane bridging' instead of 'membrane making' emotion. The first thing I noticed before showing this phenomenon to the Heart Math people several years ago was that when you focus on your heart and hold that attention, the musical analysis of your EKG shows increased COHERENCE. The challenge then became to teach people how to grab the donuts of the heart's 'tornados' and, by focusing, cause the center of each donut to come to one stable place. Among scientists this is known as 'phase discipline', and it means that all the waves learn to share their inertia in a non-destructive manner, or with COHERENCE.

With the HeartTuner, we have created a new and wonderful way to measure that coherence using the 2nd order FFT. The ratio between the harmonics contained in the heart are better able to cascade between frequencies (E-nergy in M-otion between frequencies = E-MOTION!). When the RATIO between the harmonics is the Golden Mean ratio, ONLY THEN CAN THE CASCADE BE INFINITE. It is the waves nesting by this perfect ratio that allows them to become ignited. They literally look like flames and we call them PHI-re. The Golden Spiral is the only angle that allows a wave to re-enter itself non-destructively: Self re-entry defines self-awareness! In a similar vein, Victor Schauberger knew the moment his water vortex egg would begin to 'spontaneously' become colder was the time he could expect to start getting voltage (or power) from gravity straight out of his simple mineral water tornado. Again no-one understood the math enough to explain why. Perfect Constructive Wave Interference is 'Heterodyning', which, when PHI Perfected, creates implosion and solves compression. Successful compression is how computers and DNA evolve - this is known as 'Waving In'. Strangely, the answer has been in front of us ever since science measured the mathematics of the perfect way for leaves to branch. The mathematics of 'perfect branching' (or nesting) is called PHIlotaxes, as it is based on PHI-The Golden Ratio (1.618). The fractality/self-similarity of the Fibers of Perkinjole - where the heart catches PHIre (a theory made famous by Ary Goldberger MD) - allows the EKG to create voltage from gravity (implosion) to make gravity (weight lost at death). When a tree structure of capacitors is fractal, gravity is fabricated. Arranging charge into a perfect (fractal) tree makes infinite non-destructive compression (implosion) possible. Radiance in the heart begins with 'fractal' compression - the solution to becoming shareable and immortal. Explosion becomes radiant and sustainable when fed by implosion. Ask yourself how every little wave node in a hologram contains information about every other point in that hologram? Could it be that something arranging compression by symmetry gets all the squeezing into that one point right? And could it be that the limit condition perfecting coherence (matter as hologram with weight problem) is in fact wave embedding compressed by PHI - perfect branching becoming de-vine! Is this how your wave node gets to be a fraction of the all - literally fract-all! In order to sing 'Let's Get Physical', you must embed into each other - get spin dense - compress - and thus, literally, GET PHI-CYCLE!

If you were visualizing a burning fountain inside your heart, the radiant explosion never becomes sustainable unless there is a way to feed it with sustaining implosion. That implosion is the geometry of perfect compressing, which is identical with comassion. This holds a deep clue for the physics of sustaining awareness in general, aside from being the how waves of electrical charge sustain the recursion physicists call gravity. Compassion's harmonic inclusiveness teaches th e heart to become radiant because self-organising implosion is the only sustainable explosion. Becoming inclusive in the way you (fractally) attract waves (harmonics) into your heart is identical with compassion. This is self-evident, if you accept a unified field universe made of compressible waves (thing of jello that stores compression like a sponge). Finding a way to get the phase (or wave front) information of as many waves as possible compressed into one point is an 'implosion' geometry puzzle which the Golden Mean Ratio (Phi-Lotaxes) solves. Getting the FEELING or Magnetic Lines of as many of your friends into your heart at once is the geometry problem which COMPASSION, by COMPRESSION, learns to solve. Remember: MAGNETISM (steered by the EKG voltage wave nests measured by HeartTuner) is the WIND ON WHICH LOVE TRAVELS. The chief feature of the PHI or Golden Ratio in nature (among waves) is that it permits perfect compression. In this way of permitting all waves to agree at one point by compressing, it is also the essence of PERCEPTION - because all perception is the gathering of waves into phase lock, into one pointedness. This geometry of perfect recurring inward is why we call this ratio BEAUTY: Projective Geometry = Projective Heterodyning (or Beat Nodes) = Projective (inPHI-knit) Compression = Perfect Compassion.

The problem the heart generally faces is that in order to get a sustainable wave, it has to make a coherent wave. And yet, in order to qualify for the math contest that says longevity only goes to the fractal (or well-nested or harmonic inclusive) heart, your heart has to find a way to include as many different frequencies as possible! Here is the rub: if you ask a scientist 'How do I get coherent, he will usually say that we get one frequency going and do it all in sync. Yet if you ask a cardiologist what happens to a heart EKG when it settles into one single and simple harmonic frequency, the answer will be blunt: this would mean you are about to die. So, while a heart does need to get coherent, it obviously needs a different kind of coherence which enables it to get a large number of waves of different lengths into constructive phase alignment. This IS literally the principle of perfect compression, which FRACTALITY solves - ie: lots of waves which don't hurt each other all in one space. Dr Irving Dardik, M.D., called this 'Super-Looping. Compare this to Dr Dardik's idea of what makes the heart sustainable as a wave, which he described as "Wave with a Wave WAVING..." - why neither one SINGLE coherent frequency is HEALTH in the Heat Harmonics, NOR will normal musical octave ratios allow this nesting (because two frequencies interfere when they beat in octave ratios). Only the Golden Ratio Heterodyning solves this problem of harmonic inclusivenes. Dr Dardik originally revealed that the mechanism to health involved getting more waves superposed in the heart. The words he used are useful - 'Super-Looping' or 'Nesting' describe the way the heart beat as a wave, must survive or non-destructively nest inside the heart rate as a wave; which must nest inside the breath as a wave; which must nest non-destructively inside your day as a wave. In fact by downloading your day as a heart-rate curve from your special wristwatch to your computer, Dr Dardik was able to retune peoples' daily living pattern by proposing lifestyle changes to affect HEART RATE FRACTALITY. In so doing, he healed enough diseases to upset the American Medical Association. The point is that even having one coherent peak inside the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is not the solution - the challenge is that coherence means waves that are all in phase with each other. Mathematically, coherence is possible in only two environments: 1. A Single Frequency (clearly death the fractality and life in the heart). 2. A nest of a potentially infinite number of frequencies all coherent (in phase) with each other, based on SELF-SIMILARITY (Golden Mean Ratio). In this latter geometry, you can be both coherent and fractal. This explains why so many peoples' EKG musical fundamental (as revealed by my HeartTuner in the 2nd order FFT - EI number) so often goes to a mulitple of Golden Mean Ratio when they leave the membrane making/separateness making OCTAVE ratio 1 hz EI number. Essentially this is a move from touch-inhibiting to touch-permissive electrical geometry around the EKG.

What was needed was a way to make this measureable in the EKG. Two insights seemed to solve this problem. The first was that when nature solved the problem (for every growing plant) it was call PHYLOTXES (for Phi - the Greek symbol for Golden Ratio). Nature uses this perfect branching based on the Golden Mean number (.618), because it is perfect packing and perfect unpacking, and it is the perfect way to share space (like sunlight shared among leaves), and thus perfect compression. The second insight was that if you were to take a spectrum analysis of the perfect phylotaxes branched tree or fern, you would get a harmonic series based on the Golden Mean Ration. In developing the HeartTuner, these insights began to shed light on what I had long been observing on the HeartLink - namely that most peoples' heart harmonic service, when stabilised, would 'hang out' at either   .618 , or square root of .618 , or 1.0    (musical fundamental 1/X, where X is the EI number as displayed on HeartLink). And, further, that most often when people were in heart-harmonic space based on the cubic lattic geometry of 1.0 EKG musical fundamental, they would report heart-centered emotion. When they would settle at multiples of the Golden Mean Ratio, they would report feeling much more inclusive and touch-permissive in their emotions. The point is that even if this conclusion appears so radical as to be revolutionary, the new HeartTuner, by making this visible, enables it to be observed, and probably teachable. In other words, implosion in the heart 'sings' a music that is measureable.

The HeartTuner is a simple biofeedback device designed to show you the musical harmonics contained in your heartbeat, in 'real' time. It uses a new mathematical technique I pioneered called 'Septrum'- a 2nd order Fast Fourier Transform. This dynamic feedback tool uses one simple wave peak that constantly changes in response to your heart's harmonics for several purposes: * The HeartTuner can reveal the amount of coherence in your heart. Coherence is the difference between your heart as a flashlight versus your heart becoming a LASER. Laser light penetrates far because the waves are aligned in order (like soldiers in a column). In order for your heart's electrical energy to penetrate and be sustained, it's important to learn coherence. Emotional coherence and electrical coherence are the same thing. It is agreed by most users of HeartTuner that this simple peak's height (or amplitude measuring coherence) is a 'lie detector' that speaks the ultimate truth of your heart. * Have you ever wondered how get on 'the same wavelength' as another person? We can measure this and in doing so literally teach people how to get their hearts in the right musical 'key'. This is the key to empathy and compassion and emotional flexibility. * The HeartTuner also teaches us the MUSCAL KEY SIGNATURE or HARMONIC 'FUNDAMENTAL' of the heart. The position of the same first peak of the 2nd order FFT (septrum) - whose height or amplitude taught us coherence - corresponds to the musical key in which your heart is singing at the moment it is being measured. * By connecting two people to the HeartTurner at once, we can see immediately when the two hearts have 'entrained' or 'phase locked'. Sensitive and empathic people can always FEEL what we can now measure. This is probably the most powerful tool to teach clinical empathy, marriage counselling and tantra ever developed. * Thousands of users confirm that when this Musical Fundamental moves from 1.0 (Emotional Index), toward .62 (Golden Ratio), they have acheived moving from HEAD CENTEREDemotion to HEART CENTERED emotion. The HeartTuner is, therefore, almost unquestionably the first tool to make this Heart Centering measureable - and teacheable! ENDS