August 27:
Arrival day.settle in hotel in the old city district.Welcome dinner
August 28:

Visit roman, byzantian and ottoman landmarks:
Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and an underground cistern.
Stroll around the covered market or the spice bazaar.
Musical evening and dinner.

August 29:

Boat cruise along the bosphorus, the straight that divides the city into the european and asian sides.
Visit neighborhoods of historic and cultural interests. evening outing/dinner.

August 30:
The Mediterranean
Flight to dalaman airport in southern turkey.
Drive to tohum's center. Welcome orientation and dinner
August 31-Sept 3:
The Mediterranean
Feng-shui workshop with roger.
Swimming during breaks and evening gatherings.
We can share songs, dances and jokes.
We can learn turkish folk dancing, belly dancing and folk songs...
September 4:
The Mediterranean

Boat cruise along the coastline.
Picnic at a secluded beach.

September 5:
The Mediterranean
Sightseeing to the nearby town of fethiye.
Optional turkish bath.
Visit nearby village where women weave heirloom cloth.
September 6:
The Mediterranean
Optional boat cruise. last day at the center.
September 7:
Flight to istanbul. Night in istanbul.
September 8:
Departure day.  

Optional week on the Mediterranean
September 7-14

Free time to relax.
Trips can be arranged
on demand.

Optional journey to anatolia: September 7-14

Optional week on the Mediterranean September 7-14
September 7:
The village
Departure to a traditional village where we will spend a night in village homes.
Visit women's carpet cooperative and organic fields.
Evening event with music (hopefully a wedding!!).
September 8:
Travel in the countryside to arrive to Konya in central Anatolia.
This is where the poet Rumi (father of whirling dervishes) lived and is burried.
September 9:
Visit konya with 22nd generation healer woman / Rumi's descendant.
This is a very traditional environment where we will visit herbalists, vegetable dye makers, weavers etc.
Witness sem'a whirling dervish ceremony in its authentic environment.
September 10: Cappadocia Travel along the ancient silk road to cappadocia, a magical environment where early christians lived in dwellings carved into volcanic rocks and underground tunnels...
September 11: Cappadocia Visit cappadocia.
Evening folk dancing with dinner.
September 12:
Istanbul flight to Istanbul.
September 13: Istanbul Istanbul free day.