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August 5th August 6-8th, 2004 August 9-10th

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It is with great pleasure and excitement that we present our up-coming Feng Shui Conference. We have assembled over 30 passionate speakers, who will convey their dynamic applications of the following:

Feng Shui Sacred Geometry Space Clearing
Ecological Design & Green Architecture Baubiologie Natural healing
Taoist Philosophy The I Ching Feng Shui Horoscopes
Permaculture Vastu Shastra Vedic Philosophy
and much, much more...

Come and learn, be inspired, uplifted and energised...
We have gathered over 30 International experts in the fields of Sacred Geometry, Vedic Mathematics, Permaculture
and Sustainable Environments, Ecological Architecture, Solar and Green Designs, Bau-biologie - the science of dealing with harmful EMF's, Feng Shui, Taoist Yin/Yang and the Alchemy of Health, I Ching, Space Clearing, Geomancy, Dowsing, Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui), and Shamanic Journeys with Mallku (Special guest from Peru).

These are phenomenal times. Right now you have a wonderful opportunity to spread light on our planet. We urge you to take advantage of this amazing time and delve deeply into ways you can help nurture and protect the Earth. Our seminars and conference is one of those tools. Whatever your background or profession is, your participation in these programs will give you more than just cutting edge knowledge - it is vital to the sustenance of our planet. Through Feng Shui, Taoist philosophy (energetic understanding of reality), Sacred Geometry and Earth- friendly living we can help create a world of peace, health and clarity as a way of life.

The Feng Shui conference brings a hugh diversity of people together: an Peruvian Shaman and author, specialists in Ancient Indian Architecture and philosophy, cutting edge teachers of Sacred Geometry, Ecological design experts from Australia and USA and Feng Shui and I Ching Scholars from all over the world. Take control of your life - and let your environment support you in experiencing:


* To encourage a flourishing of awareness
* To learn how to create the best energetic qualities for health and prosperity

The conference is dedicated to the enhancement of our environment and self-empowerment in all aspects of life.

The conference is entitled 'Heaven, Earth and Humanity' which aims to pioneer a greater understanding of energetics, design processes, ancient wisdom and personal development across the globe. By listening to a range of key speakers who all incorporate these disciplines into their professional and personal lives, conference guests will obtain practical knowledge that can be positively applied to their everyday lives. As well as exploring the universal principles and ancient wisdom, you will hear how the lifeforce energy synonymous with Feng Shui can be harnessed and made culturally relevant to our modern times. You can also experience an inspired selection of pre and post conference workshops with our international experts. All guests can actively contribute to the conference, which will be facilitated through coming together at the beginning and end of each day . The event has also arranged a Saturday evening party.

Now is the time to present our dynamic ideas on health, spirituality and ecological integrity to the world. So join us this summer in a great part of the world - the countryside of California - in a town called San Luis Obispo- August 5-10th, 2004.

Some of the TOPICS at the 5th International Feng Shui Conference:
(click on the photos below to get further desriptions of presenters and their talks and workshops

Feng Shui
Our line up of Feng Shui practitioners represents the most experienced consultants from around the world. Hailed as the 21st Century design language, that integrates the invisible with the visible, the yin with the yang, Feng Shui has captured our western thinking and has evolved our consciousness into being able to think in terms of our universe, environment and self as one complete whole. It is a time tested wisdom of designing the most harmonious place to live and work. It leads to growth in efficiency, harmony, wealth and prosperity.

Join American authors and practitioners Terah Kathryn Collins, RD Chin, Robert Sachs, Carol Cannon, Carol Hyder, Kelly Jones, David Twicken, Jonathan Ng, James Jay, Sean Xienja and Meihwa Lin- representing many diverse traditions of Feng Shui. From Europe we have Manu Butterworth, Jan Cisek, Susanne Baumgartner, Ella Leimgruber More and Susie Jayes. And from New Zealand, Roger Green, a 20 year veteran and pioneer of Feng Shui who has taught in over 40 countries. He will be teaching a one day workshop (5th August) 'A complete introduction to Feng Shui', for those who are new to the subject and an 'Introduction to the Feng Shui Astrology' (10th August) for those who wish to know about some advance methods.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a blue print of creation, an interface between the finite and the infinite. Dwelve deeply into defining exactly what we call 'Energy' - which can be defined in terms of frequency, symmetry and harmonics. Learn about the Golden Mean ratio - the most accurate scientific pure principle to describe how things relate and function, evolve, change and manifest. Experience examples of Sacred Geometry being applied to architecture, healing and universal understanding. Attend our workshop on 5th August with architects Michael Rice (Ireland) and Christian Kyriacou (London), also lectures with American expert Richard Feather Anderson.

Permaculture and Sustainable Environments

Permaculture is an ethical and environmental process of design that also involves applied science and ecology. It creates productive systems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It offers practical solutions to diminishing resources , as well as magical ways of designing gardens, agriculture and dwellings. Join award winning designer Patricia Michael and learn how permaculture design provides us with shelter, food, water, income, community and aesthetic and spiritual fulfillment within a balanced biological community.

Ecological Architecture, Solar and Green Designs

Australian architect, Gareth Cole, is an award winning, pioneer of Solar Eco-Design housing. Create ecological, healthy and harmonious energy efficient dwellings, including using passive solar design techniques. Gareth is conducting a one day workshop on 9th August as well as a lecture 6th August.

Janus Welton is the architect of the Omega Center Ram Dass Library. Her lecture on 6th August will cover how she integrates Feng Shui, Eco-design, Sacred Geometry, Numerology and Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui) into her design processes.

Bau-biologie - dealing with harmful EMF's

Bau-biologie addresses the biological and health aspects for our dwellings and provides strategies to detect and eliminate "Sick Building Syndrome" and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The effects of electromagnetic pollution on our immune systems must be taken into account. Jeanie Tower lecture which will change your whole perspective on 21st century living.

I Ching

One of the most published books in the world - yet so few really understand how to gain access to its deep wisdom! The I Ching has been a source of guidance for thousands of years. It describes itself as an endless supply of clear, refreshing water for anyone who is ready and willing to drink from it. We feel privileged to bring to this conference, two internationally acclaimed I Ching scholars and authors Prof. Mondo Secter (Canada) and Prof. Yang Wang (special guest from China). Don't miss this rare opportunity to discover the power of the I Ching wisdom. Prof. Mondo Secter is conducting a one day workshop on 5th August and Prof Wang Yang a one day workshop on Monday 9th August.

Space Clearing

The energy of your surroundings affects you on many levels. Clearing the energy of your space can create the opportunity for powerful change. Denise Linn is an international lecturer, healer and author who has been at the forefront in raising consciousness about the benefits of working with subtle energies, feng shui and space clearing. She has written 13 books, including 'Feng Shui for the Soul' and 'Sacred Space'. Australian Eric Dowsett, author of the best selling 'The Moment That Matters ' demystifies energy work as he teaches how to clear the space for yourself, the people you love and the spaces you live in. Alex Stark has pioneered energy space clearing along with Peruvian Shamanic processes. He is a well-known Feng Shui consultant from New York who grew up in Peru. Barbara Hencheck conducts classes internationally on Psychic awareness and space clearing.

Shamanic Journeys with Mallku

Mallku is an artist, author, teacher and our special guest from Peru. Through the magical world of Pachamama (Mother Earth), Mallku will guide you through a shamanic ceremony that's takes us deep into our soul. Learn to use some of the power instruments to make us stronger in our spiritual path. In his lectures and workshop, he also discusses ancient places and their alignments to the Sun through solstices and equinoxes and how this affects our lives. One Day workshop - 10 August.

Vedic Mathematics

Australian expert 'Jain', Vedic philosopher and author, who for over 25 years has specialised in teaching Indian mathematics (patterns of numbers and energy), magic squares and The Divine Proportion. Find out what you didn't learn at school! This material shakes the whole foundations of the current Western mathematics curriculum! Also learn how the Golden Mean - is sonically disguised as the GAYATRI MANTRA, the most famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment. Embrace part of the ascension process already morphologically and geometrically encoded into our bio-magnetic and bio-electrical fields.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian design principle of the organisation of space that accords with the laws of the universe. Architect Michael Borden, who has studied with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, India's foremost expert on Vastu Shastra, will be giving an informative lecture on this very exciting subject on Sunday 8th.

Taoist yin/yang and the Alchemy of Health:

Tao Healing and Energy Nutrition: The essence of all Taoist understanding is how we can blend and harmonise with all energies of the universe. One simple, yet power tool, is to be understanding the effects of our food on our health. Karla Walter, from Australia, will teach you in her lecture on how to get into touch with the "flow of your food- - the seasons - the TAO".

Introduction continued:
We welcome you to listen, share and discuss your ideas and visions with your peers gathered from around the world. Attendees will gain insights into Feng Shui, Ecology, Cosmology, Natural Healing and environmental design processes.

Whether you are interested in affecting positive changes in your life, or would like to sharpen your skills and broaden your vision, this is an opportunity to experience these remarkable teachers and to work closely with them to achieve your goals.

This will be the 5th International Feng Shui Conference, sponsored by Roger Green (Prague, Melbourne, New England, Zurich are the first four). It will be located on the spectacular California coastline.

San Luis Obispo is a stones through away from beautiful beaches, breathtaking ocean cliffs, picture perfect communities, lake resorts, and two historic California Missions. Venture out to premium wine tasting country roads, rejuvenating mineral springs, the magnificent Hearst Castle, and the Big Sur; where the gentle redwoods meet the drama of the pounding sea.

Opportunities for a wonderful vacation abound, if friends or family would like to join you on this trip.
If you have never heard of Feng Shui or are not sure what that really means we invite you to participate in three days of engaging discussion and vibrant discourses absorbing the keenest minds available today. If you are a practitioner and feel there is more for you to learn, we have created an event of carefully chosen diversification to engage your soul and explore those disciplines you may not have had the time or opportunity to investigate before.

Now is the time to reserve your room at the Embassy Suites of San Luis Obispo and join us for fun on the beautiful California coast and create a wider circle of friendships and colleagues. Share your ideas with like-minded people who care about their environment and take an active role in creating and preserving harmonious places to live.

Our Website contains all the information you will need: Conference timetable, location, information about our speakers, registration, early payment options and fees, accommodation ideas, local attractions and activities and transportation options. Workshops available before and after the conference and there are Trade-show table opportunities.

Pre conference workshops - Thursday Aug 5th - 10-5pm
Attendees may choose from the following one-day pre conference workshops
- I Ching with Mondo Sector (from Canada)
- Sacred Geometry with Michael Rice and Christian Kyriacou (Ireland and England)
- Introduction to Feng Shui with Roger Green (worldwide)
Conference - Friday 6th - Sunday 8th August
Over 30 presenters, refer to information below
Post conference workshops
Attendees may choose from the following one-day pre conference workshops
Monday 9th - 10-5pm
- Vedic Mathematics with Jain (from Australia)
- I Ching with Professopr Wang Yang (from China)
- Ecological Design with Gareth Cole (from Australia)
Tuesday 10th August - 10-5pm
- Shamanic Journeys with Malluk (from Peru)
- Introduction to the Feng Shui Compass with Roger Green (worldwide)

For more information
Phone: 1-917 969 9989

Teachers and conference topics

The Feng Shui conference will bring teachers together from many diverse backgrounds and disciplines, however they all have a common theme: the principles taught at this conference are a record of our commitment to ourselves and our planet. The world community in Feng Shui has began to emerge as an agent for wholistic change, the time is now right to present our dynamic ideas on spirituality to the world. How can we contribute to the Environment, Ecology, a peaceful world, Wholistic Healing and Design. Presenters from the USA, Europe, China, South America and Australia will gather with peoples from all over the world - to encourage a flourishing of awareness....

We have entitled this event Heaven, Earth and Humanity, representing the three areas of Taoist applications in our life, environment and universe. Come, listen, share and discuss your ideas and visions so as a collective we can move forward with deep respect, understanding and empowerment.

Opening on Fri by Robert Sachs Opening on Sat by Denise Linn Opening on Sun by Patricia Michael
Click on a teacher for more information...
Roger Green Alex Stark Barbara Hencheck Carol J. Hyder Carol Cannon
Christian Kyriacou
Jeannie Tower Jan Cisek Robert Sachs Michael Rice
Professor Wang Yang M.D Denise Linn Mallku R.D.Chin Janus Welton
Eric Dowsett Michael Borden Richard Feather Anderson Karla Walter Meihwa Lin
Ella Leimgruber More Lynn Palmer David Twicken Suzie Jayes Kelly Shell Jones
Susanne Baumgartner Jonathan NG Mondo Secter P.h.D Terah Kathryn Collins Jain
Manu Butterworth Gareth Cole Seann Xenja
Maria Martins James Jay
Patricia Michael Cynthia Murray Vic Ketis Christan Humme Leslie Goldman

The Location
San Luis Obispo is the home of spectacular beaches, breathtaking ocean cliffs, picture perfect communities, lake resorts, two historic California Missions, quiet country roads, rejuvenating mineral springs and mild sunny weather.

Located in the beginning of famous premium wine growing regions, Historic coastal road Highway 1, has been granted the prestigious “America’s Byways” Award as one of America’s most beautiful roads, it’s a destination in itself. Nearby is the states most popular attraction, the magnificent Hearst Castle. Filled with antiquities from all over the world are 165 rooms, sprawling gardens, indoor and outdoor pools, and walkways on 127 acres.

Continuing north you are in magical Big Sur country, where the giant redwoods meet the wild surf. Visitors delight as they watch the sea lions and whales from the majestic rocky coastline. The Audobon Society has declared the area one of the top ten birding sites in the nation. The natural beauty takes recreational opportunities like golfing, fishing, kayaking, hiking and more to the ultimate experience.

Accomodation Ideas
Conference Location
333 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Tollfree: 800-864-6000
Phone #1: 805-549-0800
Fax: 805-549-9138
You will need to book your accommodation directly with the local hotels:

Newly renovated two-room suites includes a double fold out sofabed and two double beds, (a total of three double beds are available in each suite) surrounded by a lush four-story garden atrium.

Complimentary cook-to-order breakfast. Evening manager's reception in luxurious atrium. Heated indoor Pool. Fitness Center. "Wayport" High Speed internet connections in all suites and meeting rooms. Superb "Atrium Cafe". Adjacent to major shopping area. Just minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo.

Our conference location has special accommodation rates available for you. Quote “Feng Shui Conference” when making enqires.
* Please note: if you are a member of the AAA in America, by mentioning your membership you may also be elligible for a further discount.

NB: We highly recommend that you BOOK your accommodation early- it is HOLIDAY SEASON!
Many additional accomodations are available
Lodging listing includes resort hotels, moderate hotels and motels, quaint inns and historic bed-and breakfasts. Golf courses and tennis facilities are nearby. Rates vary.
For a complete 88-page visitor guide call the San Luis Obispo County Visitors & Conference Bureau at 800-634-1414 or visit the web site which has complete details on available accommodations and activities.

The following is a list of hotels very close to the Embassy Suites. All are quite reasonable in cleanliness and cost...
Royal Oak Hotel (805) 544-4410 ($100-150 per night range on weekends)
Vagabond Inn (805) 544-4710 ($150 per night)
Madonna Inn - (805) 543-3000 (a local destination as it is so Americana and very pink! A local landmark! Cost about $150 and up on the weekends)
Motel 6 (805) 549-9595
Motel 6 (805) 541-6992 (Rates per night are about $60)
Laughing Buddha Beach House
Additional Accomodations are available at the following locations

Hotel Hilton

Villa Toscana Bed & Breakfast Villa Toscana Bed & Breakfast
Abella Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast Cliffs at Shell Beach La Cuesta Inn
Lamplighter Inn & Suites Pacific Plaza Resort Pismo Beach Inn
Ramada Olive Tree Inn Sunset Travelodge Vagabond Inn
White Water Inn    

How to get there - Transportation
San Luis Obispo County is easily accessible by land and air. Located on California's Central Coast, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This central location is a natural place to "meet in the middle” saving transportation time and costs.

Highway 101
Los Angeles 190 Miles
San Francisco 190 Miles
The San Luis Obispo County airport, (SBP) with over 50 flights per day, is served by America West Airlines, American/American Eagle Airlines, Skywest Airlines and United/United Express. Several airline charters are available plus helicopter service.
Greyhound operates 16 regular runs daily, in and out of the county.
City and/or countywide transit systems plus charter bus services are available.

Amtrak daily stops to Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach Surfliner, San Luis Obispo to San Diego Coast Starlight Express- Los Angeles to Seattle
Amtrak / Metrolink Special Packages Available


Geography and Weather
San Luis Obispo County covers over 3,300 square miles and is situated between the Los Padres National Forest to the south and the Santa Lucia Mountain range to the north. Eighty miles of Pacific Ocean coastline border the western county. Twenty-four towns, with a combined population of 246,000 (2001 estimate), are located within the County.

In general, the area experiences a Mediterranean-like climate year-round, averaging 315 days of sunshine per year. The rainy season generally falls between the months of January and April.
Winter: 64/31F; cool and sunny, Spring: 75/44F; breezy at times,
Summer: 95/44F; warm & sunny, foggy coastal mornings,
Fall: 77/43F; warm days and cool nights.
Casual and comfortable attire, with light to medium-weight clothing suitable year- round. A sweater or jacket is recommended for cool evenings or misty mornings.

Registration and booking for the conference events

There are three ways to book and register for these events:
By emailing your requirements (
Register on-line on our secure online store (
BY PHONE: 1-917 969 9989
There are three ways to pay for these events:
1: By sending in a check in $US or money order made payable to the sponsor:
Roger Green
Feng Shui Conference
3001 bridgeway #188
CA 94965
2: By visa or mastercard either by email, phone or secure on-line store on our website
3: By pre-booking and paying cash at the event
We highly recommend that you take advantage of our generous early booking offer and save much $$$$

Event Pricing
Three day Conference Event Price $350 One day Workshops $150
Trade show tables-booth for 3 days rental
Main hotel foyer area is reserved for trade show tables
Please email sponsors for pricing and details
Has limited space. So be quick and book now!

Schedule and Timetable
Download complete conference timetable and registration form by licking on the links below.
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