Barbara Hencheck

Barbara HencheckBarbara an internationally known Deep Intuitive specializing in Exorcism and Space Clearing!

Naturally born psychic, Barbara has been working professionally for 20 years. Her clients range from all walks of life from celebrities to business people to housewives. She brings her light, warmth and higher guidance to every opportunity where she can be of service.

Her psychic level of achievement is profound. She has honed her skills by studying with several different teachers defining as well as perfecting her innate abilities.

Working with Ascended Masters in the Spirit World, Barbara sees herself as the channel through which the work of Spirit flows. "I am so blessed to earn my living by working with Spirit. Nothing could be more rewarding."

"My first teacher was an exorcist, so I guess you could say my introduction to the work was a 'baptism by fire'. It is absolutely necessary to learn through experience, especially to be prepared for every eventuality. Exorcism and Space Clearing appeal to my healer heart. Everyone benefits, the trapped souls and the living all experience relief. I guess you could say I heal houses and businesses and all who dwell within."

Barbara Hencheck Talk will include:

I will explore the various techniques utilized in Clearings as well as how to determine what is needed and the proper application.

I will examine the historical and religious applications used over the centuries and how these approaches have been distilled into effective approaches used today.

Additionally I plan to present anecdotal information, utilizing this framework to demonstrate how to determine which approach should be employed.

I will also explore the subject of Exorcism or Spirit Release Work( which it is sometimes called today),as there are those cases which demand one know and understand its proper use .