Eric Dowsett (Australia) - Clear Home, Clear Heart

The energy of your surroundings affects you on many levels. The thoughts and feelings of former owners of your home, and your own experience in the space affect your personal environment on a deep level. Earth energies and the impact of technology can also be invisible influences. Clearing the energy of your space can create the opportunity for powerful change.

However, no change in the energy of an environment is sustainable without corresponding inner change. Your personal energy fields also carry information that affects the qi in your surroundings. When you can recognize how much of your life is spent reacting to the energy of other places or people, you can learn to to not take those feelings on as your own.

Eric Dowsett demystifies energy work as he teaches how to clear the space for yourself, the people you love and the spaces you live in. His pure, elegant work refines energetic clearing to its most profound essence - the power of the compassionate heart. The answer is not out there, it is in here...

About Eric Dowsett
Australian author, Eric Dowsett ("The Moment That Matters"), is considered one of the next major spiritual teachers emerging today, his centered and gentle energy providing a safe place for people to accomplish deep consciousness work. People all over the world have transformed their lives by learning how to clear the energy of the spaces they inhabit, and to clear old patterns of emotion and behavior, allowing them to move forward in ways they never thought possible.