Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares and Vedic Mathmatics with JAIN

JainAt the Feng Shui conference in August, 2004
Jain will be conducting 2 lectures and a one day workshop:
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... May I introduce to you Jain he is an absolute wizard at displaying the real ability of our minds to do complex mathematics simply! Yes you did hear right!
Jain revels to you simple methods to do all the complex maths
you can think of with only knowing the 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x times tables. At the same time he shows you how the world as we know it
is more than what we think and can for some people bring out major shifts in your way of thinking about the world! I personally am amazed at studying the sacred geometry and what it shows about nature.

For more of an idea about what sacred geometry is then think of a crop circle and its wonderful display of precise maths and geometry. If you feel like some enlightenment and a great relief
that you can really learn maths and actually do it in your head without working it out on paper then please get along to Jain's Lecture...

Explore and discover Geometry, Art and The Mathematics of Nature in a new and challenging way with Sacred Geometry. You will thoroughly enjoy drawing 'Magic Square Mandalas' as a creative and centering process. This is a course for anyone interested in MultiCultural Art, Design, Architecture, Healing and Mathematics.

The Life of Pythagoras will be covered as well as 'The Platonic Solids'. 'The Divine Proportion', 'The Fibonacci Sequence', 'Galactic Mathematics' and related topics like, 'The Mystical Squaring of the Circle', 'The Vesica Pisces' and 'Hypercubes'/ 'Fourth Dimension Cubes'.

During this Lecture Jain will focus our attention upon the ancient Magic Square of 3 x 3 (also known as the "Lo-Shu" in ancient China, C17th BC) which is also the centre of the Tibetan Calendar/Cosmology. It is a timeless mathematical harmonic whose sums of the columns, rows and diagonals all add up to and vibrate to 15. Symbolically the Magic Square creates Order amidst Chaos, and Equality in All Dimensions.
He has authored 4 books on this subject which translates Numbers into Art, by merely connecting the first number (1) to the last number (9). This is the Path of Least Resistance. Exquisite Atomic Art patterns are created that are inherently encoded with much Ancient Knowledge eg:
Numerologically, these Magic Sums of 15, 34, 65, 175 and 260 etc equate with the many names of the Gods and Goddesses in Qaballahistic lore.

6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4

Do your children really understand the fragmented and confusing mathematical data taught to them? Would you be interested in another method that boosted their confidence, increased their memory skills and is presented in a fun and exciting manner?
After this course of study, you will never multiply, divide or add in the same manner that you are currently using to solve arithmetic problems like 98 x 97 etc. And no more Times Tables!
An understanding of the 16 basic Sutras or "Word Formulae" solves all known mathematical problems by using an advanced and highly intelligent system of MENTAL, ONE LINE ARITHMETIC used by the Hindus 2,000 years.
This system was reconstructed by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960, aka Shankarcharya of Puri) who was invited by Paramahansa Yogananda to take this knowledge, for the first time, to the western world, in 1958. The Beatle's guru: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the west, was also a student of this master and currently teaches this system in India in the spiritual Maharishi schools, whose teenage students are highly distinguished mathematical geniuses.
Learn also how the Hindu Invention of Zero (and the decimal system) led to modern technological advancements.
In this 1 and half hour Introduction you will know the basics of how to accomplish rapid calculations, mentally. No more Calculators which make the brain lazy. The brain is a mental muscle and needs to be exercised. Jain predicts that if we continue to teach children with an over-emphasis of using calculators in the class-room, over a 20 year period, the Global Brain will deteroriate.
Most children are visual, and the ability to tap into "Pattern Recognition" is the key to rapid mental calculation.

Jain's essential work is to teach Ancient Knowledge to Children and Adults.

(Translating Numbers Into Art)

6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4

Imagine in front of you some playing cards and the ancient puzzle was to create a 3x3 square such that all columns, rows and diagonals that have the same sum. As shown above, the Magic Sum, aka the Magic Square Constant = 15. There is a treasure house of knowledge encoded within this harmonic matrix that the ancients knew and hid. Magic Squares for thousands of years have fascinated many cultures and many great minds like Benjamin Franklin and Albrecht Durer.
Why was it at the centre of the Tibetan Calendar/Cosmolgy (Time Code / Applications in Time Travel)?
Why did AmbaJi, of the Hindu pantheon, the ancient goddesses of Creation (the universe flows through her breast), have as her tantric symbol, this Magic Square of 3x3, which has 8 possible permutations? and which Buddha, in his enlightenment, described in detail the 8 sided nature of sub-atomic molecules: the "Acta-Kalapos". Durga and Kali and Shakti etc have variations of the same.
Why is it that when you translate NUMBERS INTO ART, by drawing a long connecting line, from 1 to 2 to 3 etc to the last number, that elegant and phi-ratioed patterns appear? that when tiled or tessellated, produce the atomic structure of Diamond (which is verified by the clairvoyant drawings of the Occult Chemists: Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant.
Why is it that the pattern for the Magic Square of 11x11 is almost identical to the Ley Line Grid developed by Bruce Cathy, a New Zealand pilot, which was originally the jig-saw-puzzle-map of UFO sightings in his area?
Why did Professor Searl, of the UK, have his work on levity discs and over-unity generators banned? The metals of his generators for the space-craft he built were intimately related, by proportion, to the atomic table of elements and to the opposing pairs of the above Magic Square of 3x3, eg: notice that all pairs around the central cell have a sum of 10, thus 2 parts gold was alloyed with 8 parts silver, or 3 parts titanium to 7 parts nickel.
Why did King Solomon the Rabbi, design his Seal based on the 3 rows of the above Magic Square being translated into a Natural Square of 3 (that has its numbers in Counting Order)?
In this day lesson, you will superimpose a Magic Square of 7x7, by rotation of 90 degrees upon itself, to reveal ancient symbols at its centre: the Hindu Peace Symbol of the Swaztika nesting within the Christian Cross! The ancient Essenes adored the richness of symbolism within these Mystic Squares and gave accounts or Parables of Jesus (Isa or Iesu) that related to our sense of community symbolized by the magic square, that each person, so positioned, has a divine role to play, that if one number was taken away or moved, it would no longer be magical, to realise "Order amidst the Chaos", and the ancient axiom: "As Above, So Below".

About JAIN
Jain first began teaching mathematics visually 20 years ago when working with dyslexic children, developing the concept of "Remedial mathematics". Not everyone learns their numbers by left-brain, rote learning, but better through visual, right-brain, the universal language of pictures and symbols. He has since authored 8 mandala, colouring-in books on Magic Squares that converts Mathematics into Atomic Art, surprising many nuclear scientists with his crystalline creations. His authorised travelling school show: "Mathemagics", is the only one of its kind and helps restore and enhance the inherent beauty in mathematics, by teaching it via theatre, with magicians and Alice-in-Wonderland type characters that appear as walking Books of Life, etc. He is currently active teaching this around Australia.
Having come from an Arabic background, the rich ornamental designs that you often see on domes and temples, are the main influences that pervades his work. He is pulling together all his vast knowledge on ancient Magic Squares, Divine Proportions (as in the mathematics of the nautilus shell), and the 3-Dimensional Geometries of the Platonic Solid Symmetries into a unique 2 hour performance on June 21st and 22nd, our Winter Equinox, the shortest day of the year. He calls this rehearsed gathering: THE THEATRE OF THE HOLY NUMBERS, where the Spirit of the 9 Numbers (like 9 Gods) incarnate into a Human Magic Square of 3x3. Most people know of the Magic Square of 3x3 as an ancient playing-card puzzle, the task being to arrange all 9 cards into a 3x3 square in such a way that the sums of the 3 columns, 3 rows and 2 diagonals all equal 15. This fascinating production will explore the Magic of the Magic Square of 3x3 and truly download to you all there is to know about it, in a true Keanu Reeves/Matrix-like style, just by sitting in the comfort of your chair.
If you never understood the true meaning and depth of Pythagoras' work 2,500 years ago, this mathematically-based ceremony will not only educate you but leave you enchanted.

I teach by creating the classroom as a theatre. The walls are draped with colourful Magic Square murals about 2 metres square. I wear a special MatheMagician's, magic square robe, that depicts the class lesson with the appropriate numbers and art. Upon a large stand I have what is called a "Human Cloth Book", it has 30 pages (1,200mm square) of magic square theory and design. It is a unique hand- sewn garment that can be worn and is used throughout the whole show. One of the main lessons shows how the common Multiplication Table produces the Atomic Structure of Platinum Crystal.

I offer Creative and Multicultural Mathematics whose roots stem from Islam, India, Egypt and other cultures. I relate how mathematics can be Inter-Subjectal and may cross Key Learning Areas - Maths as Art, Maths as Science, Maths as History.

Magic Squares are ancient boxes of numbers whose sums of rows, columns and diagonals all add up to the same sum. This matrix represents Perfect Equality in all directions or dimensions. Elegant or aesthetically pleasing patterns can be created when a long, continuous line is joined in arithmetical order from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc. to the last number. This is how Mathematics is transformed into Art. This line connecting such consecutive or sequential numbers is the backdoor into the world of Atomic Art or Nuclear Geometry, arriving at scientifically verified atomic structures. Order is created out of Chaos.

The Magic Square of 3x3 shown over is the centre of the Sino-Tibetan calendar/cosmology and has fascinated many cultures for millennia. The Tibetans believe that every number has a Soul, as does any insect, worm or creature and therefore a Magic Square is a holy thing compared to a Spiritual Community of Souls!

Many sacred symbols emerge when the original Magic Square Pattern or Yantram (singular of Yantra which is the plural) is rotated upon itself. Like snowflakes, millions of Magic Squares can be created. There are 8 permutations of the primal 3x3 Magic Square known also as The Lo-Shu from China 4,000 years ago. There are 880 permutations of the 4x4 Magic Square, but as we get to the 5x5s and 6x6s there are millions! Mathematics is a Universal Language. That means that it will always exist, without decay or corruption.

The concept of 1,2,3 is superior to the concept of A,B,C as English, French, German or any other language eventually changes with slang etc., but not numbers. As Pythagoras said, in the 6th century BC, "NUMBER IS THE BOND OF ALL THINGS". This Galactic Mathematics is also called "FIXED DESIGN", ie: it is Timeless and Constant.

Some questions to ponder upon:

* How could the Aryan civilisation, near the Hunza Valley, 3,000 years ago, mentally compute mathematical operations that today only a calculator could achieve?
* And if the maths could not be done mentally, how could they do everything we know today, IN ONE-LINE? eg: converting the fraction 1/19 into a decimal is an 18 digit answer that requires 35 lines of exhausting long division, how could they do it in a one simple line solution?
* Why is NASA secretly using this MENTAL ONE-LINE SYSTEM OF ARITHMETIC in the field of Advanced Artificial Intelligence? and not incorporating it into our current mathematics curriculum?
* Why are many of Bill Gate's mathematicians Indian?
* Is the decimal form of Pi (P) a sonic code for dedications to Krishna?
* What does the Bhagavad Gita have to say about this lost science of Clairvoyant Calculation that the ancient Temple Builders employed? * How can you become a Human Bio-Calculator?
* Is the current Western Maths Curriculum keeping our Children in a state of limited intelligence?

The answer to all these questions are found by understanding the ancient system of Vedic Mathematics as rediscovered by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884- 1960), of Puri Govardhan Math, dux of India in Mathematics and a Sanskrit Philosopher who wrote and spoke perfect English, he reached the position of a Shankacharya (like a Dalai Lama), renunciated several high officical positions in society to retreat into a forest for 7 years as a yogi, between 1911 and 1918 in which time he collected all the lost mathematical knowledge (Ganita Sutras), improved and reconstructed them to 16 basic Sutras or word formulae that solve every known mathematical problem. These 16 Volumes relating to the 16 Sutras was our legacy from the ancient past.

This highly intelligent and sophisticated system of Mental, One-Line Arithmetic was taught by The Master to his main student, who today is the leading exponent in the world: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the long white-haired and bearded yogi that many of the 60s generation know of as the Beatleís guru. He is considered as the greatest human bio-calculator on the planet today, holding the vision of raising the collective consciousness of all nations by re-introducing the lost Vedic Mathematics Sutras early in a childís spiritual and educational development. Imagine a maths class in India today , like in the times of old when knowlege was passed on as an oral tradition, and the teacher quickly calls or drills out certain numbers to multiply or divide and the children instantly reply with the correct intuitive answers! Today, in schools where Maharishiís Transcendental Mediatation technique are used students perform remarkably well academically, viewing Mathematics as a Universal Language and therefore often winning the highest competitve prizes in mathematics.

Maharishi organised the scattered Vedic Literature into a complete science of consciousness for both its theoretical and practical value, describing the 16 Sutras as fundamental impulses of intelligence that structure all the Laws of Nature and those that govern the Universe.

Maharishi, the Founder of TM, once said: "Vedic Mathematics is that one field of knowledge which fulfils the purpose of education by developing the total creative genius of the individual, giving him/her the ability to be always spontaneously right and automatically precise so that his/her action, supported by Natural Law, is always effortlessly fulfilling."

Unfortunately, in 1958 after Bharati Krsna Tirthaji returned from the USA tour, sponsored by Paramahansa Yogananda (who introduced Yoga to the West and created the Self-Realisation Foundation) all of Bharati Krsnaís 16 Volumes for the 16 Sutras were confirmed lost. Disciples observed that people in the streets of India were imitating Tirthajiís lectureís and dazzling audiences with mathematically mis-used pschic powers, and begged the Master to write a book just before his death in 1960. This single volume, called VEDIC MATHEMATICS, has become the bible on this subject and spawned a thousand web-sites worldwide. Maharishi schools disseminated the teachings to England where certain schools have adopted the Vedic curriculum but the irony is that today India is struggling to release the British curriculum and NASA have adopted it fully in the realms of advanced robotics. Calculations that can be solved as quick as lightning are a great tool to adopt, but you wouldínt want to teach it worldwide in the fear that you may churn out a generation of child geniuses that may threaten the intellectual status quo.

The gift that the Hindus gave to world, thousands of years ago, and that which is currently responsible for a global silicon chip technology, was none other than the invention of ZERO. We call our common numbers ëArabic Numeralsí but really they extend back to the Hindu concept of creation and void known as ìBinduî or The Zero Point. In Maths, it makes the magic work eg: if you wish to multiply 98 x 98 we need to understand Zero and Unity. All Vedic Maths is based on the understanding of Unity Consciousness which means they utilise processes or Number Bases that correspond to: 0, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 etc all of which add to 1.

Sacred geometry is a fascinating and complex field of study. Possibly the most commonly known aspect of Sacred Geometry is, The Golden Mean, sometimes referred to as the The Sacred Cut or The Phi Ratio. This ratio has connections with Galactic and Atomic mathematics, as revealed in ancient temples and pyramids; in classical paintings like the Mona Lisa; in the cross-sectional view of the D.N.A. molecule; in the nesting of the 5 Platonic Solids; its occurrence encrypted in the Fibonacci Sequence: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 etc; in the counter-rotating fields or spirals of the sunflower and pine cones.

This is the study of the Universe as found in all parts of the Human Body. This is the mathematics of infinity; Phi expressed as 1:1.618033 etc. (The decimal part goes on forever without any detectable repetitious pattern, like pi).

This Transcendental Number has fascinated many cultures and individuals for millennia. This Phi Ratio is part of our Ascension Process and is an important clue to accessing or Multi-Dimensionality.


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