Talismanic Feng Shui: Utilizing Sacred Symbolism to Correct Negative Feng Shui Influences.
With James Jay

Tibetan Astrological Mandala

Believed to have emanated from the mind of Manjushri (Wisdom Buddha), the Tibetan Astrological Mandala is said to protect one from all negative influences of inauspicious Feng Shui. James will explore all the symbolism contained in this Mandala and how when placed in a home or business it can protect one from negative Feng Shui occurrences. The Mandala cures imbalances created by negative Flying Star, Eight Mansions, BTB or other Feng Shui perceptions and/or numerological calculations. The Tibetans use sacred symbols, mantras and intention to call upon the Buddha realm to bring happiness, prosperity and long life to those who utilize the power of the Mandala. Solidly based upon the Luo Shu Magic Square, I Ching Ba Gua, Five Elements, Stems and Branches and Chinese Astrology, it forms a strong link between Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Feng Shui.

James Jay along with his wife Helen founded Feng Shui Designs, Inc. and ChinaStudies in 1993. They are considered to be among the world's foremost experts on Talismanic Feng Shui and Joss Paper Rituals. The Jays have studied extensively in the US and China. They have studied, and continue to study, the art of talismanic Feng Shui and Joss Paper use through the tutelage of Masters Raymond Lee and Violet Chang. They are also senior students and disciples of Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun and have further studied with Black Sect Rinpoche Jiang Jia in Beijing, China. They have studied traditional Compass Feng Shui with Masters Qing, Zhi Heng (China), Lei, Xiangyang (China) and Lillian Too.

The Jays offer various levels of professional practitioner training in BTB Feng Shui at their school in Nevada City, California and lead Feng Shui Immersion Programs in China twice yearly. More information can be found at www.fengshuidesigns.com