Jonathan Ng (USA-China) - The Power of Yin Feng Shui (burial sites)

Jonathan NgThis has been a sacred subject for Chinese families. One that brings blessings and success to descendants of the buried. In the United States cremation is popular. Land scarcity along with stringent restrictions with the cemetery have made it almost impossible to build burial sites same as Asia.

What is the alternative and can we reap the same benefits in any other form?

About Jonathan Ng: Born in China, raised in Hong Kong and educated in California, Jonathan Ng combines the heritage of the East and the technology of the West to bring together the best of both worlds of Feng Shui. During his thirty years of business travels to Southeast Asia, Mr. Ng had the opportunity to study with several renowned Feng Shui Masters and increase his extensive knowledge of Feng Shui, including Chinese Astrology and the very exclusive and difficult Yin Calculations.

Throughout his experiences in the corporate world, Mr. Ng utilized his ability to translate the profound principles and complex techniques of Feng Shui to catapult himself into becoming the CEO of a major jewelry corporation. He is well-respected among his peers for his accomplishments in Corporate Employee Benefit programs, an innovative and systematic approach that harnesses and directs energy to boost morale and increase productivity in the work place.

Currently, Mr. Ng is developing and promoting Feng Shui Masters, Inc., a Feng Shui networking center with a Feng Shui Product Showroom and expert consultants available to serve the local community. Affiliates of Feng Shui Masters have access to the training, tools, and knowledge that make Feng Shui Masters unique, enabling them to offer high levels of service to their own local communities.

The Feng Shui Masters Southern California facility features classes in modules, Junior Master Apprentice Program, Feng Shui Business Career Training Course, monthly Tea Mixers under the auspices of the International Feng Shui Guild, and sponsors Feng Shui Study Tours. Through this networking center, important data is collected from case studies and testimonials that will help set standards for the Feng Shui Industry.

Mr. Ng is responsible for the much-publicized high-tech computerized Feng Shui Property Report, an invaluable tool to assess residential and commercial buildings that is simple in application, comprehensive, affordable and beneficial to everyone.