Karla Walter (AUS- USA)
You're Culture, Your Food, and Your Chi Flow

Karla WalterIn Feng Shui we make adjustments for how the Chi flows in a home or office space. This is achieved using many tools from color, to shapes, elements, direction of furniture, doors, internal design and direction of the house itself. Are you making those similar adjustments on a smaller scale with the food you are eating to maintain the natural flow of Chi within your internal house?

This lecture will look at how cultural food choices affect our internal Chi flow. Would you feed an Eskimo the same diet as some-one living in Phoenix? Let's explore the many wonderful cultures that make up our surroundings and how through food they affect our Chi flow each day. This prssentation on cultural food energetics incorporating the five flavors puts you in touch with the powerful effects of food on your psyche. Why, on some days we feel great and on other days, we feel down. Food is directional, not just nutritional.

Karla will speak on the importance of how many cultures around the world have the understanding of the five flavors in their diet and how to incorporate them each day. As important as the Five Elements are with Feng Shui, so is the balance of these flavors and elements in our diet. When we have cravings we are out of balance, like a home that is missing some of is parts and the Feng Shui practitioner knows how to make the balance.

Nature has its seasons - Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Late Harvest. Each season, marked by its own colors and flavors, provides us the opportunity to improve our health and well being simply by choosing from the bountiful buffet that nature provided. When we learn to give our bodies what they need season by season, we are nourished and rewards. Not only do we avoid destructive food cravings, we look better, think better, sleep better, and begin to feel truly alive. There is nothing complicated about a healthy lifestyle. It begins with eating the right foods at the right times.)

Learn the importance of your Internal Feng Shui seasonal eating and how the chi flows. Learn to regenerate, not degenerate!

About Karla Walter
Karla Walter born in Australia now living in Chicago has extensive training in Homoeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Shiatsu Massage and Feng Shui.
Karla has developed her Five Seasons to Wellness program through first hand experience of the power of Macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese medicine in her own life as well as further extensive studies in healing.

Karla has dedicated her life to actively helping people make positive changes in their lives through her individual counseling, cooking classes, workshops and web site. Karla teaches and practices internationally with great passion and excitement in her work.