Lynn Palmer
Dowsing Earth's Veins and Arteries -- How Do We Find Them and What Do We Do with Them?

Lynn PalmerHow to work in balance with natural earth energies. The most perplexing aspect of geomancy in modern times - where exactly are the best places to enhance energy and which are the ones to avoid or change? Do you place a labyrinth just anywhere? How is your sleep space - your most vulnerable and revitalizing place?

What are those cell towers doing to you and the ground? What are those underground water veins doing to you? How do you block a noxious energy path? Why is it unhealthy to take metal out of the earth? Today, many dowsers remember these keys to connectedness and a synergetic relationship to earth -- you can too --as everyone has an innate ability.

This talk will be about dowsing these yourself with l-rods. Enhancing the nurturing aspects of and and living spaces by diverting and redirecting stress lines safely. Specifics will be given on how to dowse with l-rods and make these applications. Done with integrity, you will
get the truth everytime, work with the earth, and eliminate imposed and natural detrimental frequencies. You will customize and work with natural energy lines rather than apply a formula. Discussion also on diverting noxious frequencies from power poles and cell towers.

About Lynn Palmer
Lynn has been dowsing her entire life. She dowsed (without l-rods), as a career, in intuiting forecasts and economics for large companies. With oftentimes 100% accuracy in her outlooks, she decided her time would be better applied to dowsing earth energies. She switched from dowsing numbers to dowsing earth lines as soon as someone put a pair of l-rods in her hands. Her background is in locating water for wells, locating magnetic line crossings, diverting stress lines, applying paramagnetism (Callahan's work), Black Sect feng shui, and water revitalization using vortex geometries and Johann Grander solutions. She has a certificate of Advanced Dowsing from the American Society of Dowsers. Her most recent magnetic line work was following the Athena line across Italy. She and her partner have organic gardens surrounded by limestone/basalt labyrinths and coy ponds in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, California and are working toward permaculture. This environment contributes to our innate abilities to telepath---as this is our natural internet.

She has a passion for sacred geometry, numbers, and solar physics, a masters degree (not needed for dowsing!), and has travelled to sacred sites in Europe, England, Egypt and Central America. She has also studied with shamans, sans the external influences associated with them, which she believes has been very valuable.