The Tantric Way: Living the Tantric Life, with Maria Martins

Maria Martins (Bhakti Shakti) is an incredible source of Tantric knowledge, unveiling to the public the closely guarded secrets of Tantra traditions. She has all the credentials to present to the public the topic of Tantra. Her work is the result of many years of Tantric rituals and practices, backed up by personal and theoretical research. Bhakti has trained and practiced Tantra in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Australia and India.

She is a specialist, highly regarded Kaula Tantric guru, trainer and facilitator of workshops and seminars. Further details can be obtained from her website

Tantric rituals are not easy to comprehend and should be practiced with a full-heart. They require a deep understanding of Tantra and how the Tantric concepts can be applied to solve many and varied problems. Personal courage and commitment is needed to publically present the non-conventional methods of Tantra.

Bhakti manages to present the esoteric and intricate subject of Tantra, in an easy to understand and logical manner. Her many books, CD's and papers on the subject are the accumulated knowledge of a highly spiritual and committed Tantra Guru.

The Tantrananda School of Tantra
Tantrananda School of Tantra is primarily an educational organisation based on the Hindu concept of Tantra. We teach people how to become happy by imparting methods, techniques and ways to attain the state of bliss known as Ananda.
Our vision for implementation of such ideas is quite different from the Western "norm". We believe that happiness can be a constant state of mind that can be systematically trained to learn how to bring happiness at will.
Tantric methodology is very elaborate. We provide an extended range of teachings suitable for all kinds of people. The teaching material is made up of specific books, media recordings, multiple Tantric workshops, Tantric sacred dance, etc. For those dedicated to the Tantric way of Living, we teach and provide the Tantra initiation ceremony.

What is Kaula Tantra
This school belongs to Kaula Tantra; a millennial tradition of India that is less known in the Western world. We strongly believe that the time has come to impart to the public the sacred Tantric traditions and rituals held secret from all but the Keepers of the Knowledge. Our beliefs are based on the classical Hindu Tantra that encourages people who belong to Kaula Tantra tradition to come into the open. Tantrananda School of Tantra has taken up this challenging mission of spreading the knowledge about Kaula Tantra to the world.
We view this challenge as a spiritual mission. Our intention is to inspire people to renew their earthly life in the spiritual dimension. A high level of teaching supports this and an enquiring mind will recognise the benefits arising from the Kaula lineage of Tantra.
The perusal of the published information allows everyone to choose the most suitable path into the rewarding Kaula Tantra tradition.

Contacting details:
phone: +61 2 92646600
We are seeking Teacher/Trainers and Practitioners in all countries.