Michael Rice - Sacred Geometry and Pure Intention

Michael RiceThis presentation will introduce an outline of the pure principle behind focused attention fueled by compassion, and how to allow this refined awareness to manifest sacred space, in our hearts, our homes and beyond

Sacred Geometry provides a blueprint for who we are, it is a map or wave guide to the centre of our essence. As everything in the universe can only claim the illusion of independance or separateness through shape alone, then knowing your way to the centre of shape, be it your heart, your home, the Earth or beyond can give us leverage over our realities. However, this learnable skill and profound privilage comes with a price, and that price involves the continuing development of awareness and compassion. For as we release the ego, we become more useful to Creation, be it in the ability to fully receive a smile, to the harmonic design of space, or the fabrications of entire eco systems.

Michael Rice - The subject of Sacred Geometry springs to life in the hands of Michael Rice, and his teachings leave you in awe of our magnificent Universe. As an architect, Michael takes an holistic approach to design, based on the understanding that everything is not only connected but alive and conscious. He believes every thought, word and action has an affect on the whole, as with the principle of creating holograms. According to Michael, design provides us with opportunities to construct our own unique holograms that fall in harmony with all of Creation.
As well as establishing his own environmentally sensitive design practice, Michael has spent the past 18 years studying Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing, Divining, Martial Arts and Natural Healing. He teaches throughout Ireland, Europe and America and aims to pass on his breathtaking knowledge to be used for design purposes and for personal and global spiritual growth. visit: www.holisticarchitecture.com

Email: gohan@iol.ie