Mondo Secter, Ph.D Penetrating the Dao

MondoThis presentation will introduce students to Secter's innovative unpublished work on the I Ching over the past 30 years. It will cover the importance of Evolutionary Hexagrams as a compass for the direction or context of each hexagram; and the value of Transitional hexagrams for accurately guiding and explaining change when there is more than one changing line.

The talk will examine Secter's discovery of the dimensional meaning of the terms Heaven, Earth, and Human, which notations define the three trigram lines and six hexagram lines. And he will take a quick journey through a few of the multi-dimensional harmonic symmetries that are embedded in the I Ching sequence, that could be a precursor or metaphor of the DNA double helix.

Finally Secter will review his powerful trigram symbols, his hexagram formation cards, and the coin method he devised in 1975, to harmonize with the probability of change in the older yarrow stalk method of divination. And if time permits, there will be a quick overview of the 32 sacred mandalas Secter has elicited from the underlying hexagram system.

About Mondo Secter, Ph.D
Mondo Secter is a label-free multi-disciplinary philosopher-scholar-sculptor-cosmologist, and a leading interpreter, commentator, and decipher of I Ching cosmological system. His Ph.D. is in Culture and Communication from Simon Fraser University, Canada's top ranked school; his MA is in Chinese Religion and Philosophy (honors) from the University of Hawaii. Secter's book "I Ching Clarified" has been published in German (1984) and English (1993). It was just republished as "The I Ching Handbook: Decision-Making With and Without Divination."

Secter is credited with several insightful I Ching discoveries, that can be attributed to three decades of internal study without the diversion of giving courses, seminars, and workshops. His findings include: mathematical proof of the link between Five Elements and the I Ching; the Evolutionary and Transitional hexagram theories; the coding of the hexagram arrangement as a binary symmetry (a 3000 year old enigma); and the symmystery of dividing the hexagram sequence into Parts 1 and 2. Secter has also found conclusive evidence: of binary mathematics, prime numbers, and Pi defined in the hexagram sequence; that the hexagram names and four mantic terms serve as harmonic intervals; that the sequence is a repeating spiral; and several more coding modules.

Japan's leading scholar researcher on human-computer interaction, writes: "Secter is in the leading edge of inquiry in a field that is interpreting eki-kyo or I Ching as relevant to modern science and decision or problem-solving processes" Yoshio Hayashi, Ph.D., M.D, Professor Emeritus, Keio University.

Secter is currently completing four books: 1) Quantum Dao: Unified Binary Theory"; 2) "Decoding the Dao: The Concealed Symmetry, Mathematics, and Harmony of the I Ching"; 3) "Strategy, Ethics, and Power: the Oriental Way of Planning, Decision, and Action"; and 4) "The Architectonics of Culture and Personality: Six Core Dimensions of Who We Are", an adaptation of his dissertation. Secter has also written two cookbooks with Ari Tomita, his wife and a master brush artist from Japan.