Richard Feather Anderson - Beauty, Harmony and Geometry

Richard Feather AndersonExplore the eternal question of "what is beauty?" from the perspective of symbolic geometry, sacred architecture, and ancient Mystery Schools. Rediscover proportion as an essential, yet forgotten, component of feng shui design. Realize how feng shui work is greatly aided by an ability to recognize spatial patterns, and how the creation of beauty can be guided by knowledge of the geometrical proportions that generate natural forms. Learn how to apply the processes, patterns and proportions of life to create beautiful, life-enhancing buildings, art or music.

About Richard Feather Anderson B.S. Architecture,
Richard Feather Anderson is one of the longest practicing geomancers in America, with over thirty years' experience. He founded the first cross-cultural geomancy school in 1985. He has integrated his training in architecture, environmental psychology, Feng Shui, ecology, sacred geometry and ancient philosophies. Introduced to geomantic wisdom in childhood, he continued his studies in Feng Shui with Professor Lin Yun, in sacred architecture with Dr. Keith Critchlow, and in Earth Mysteries with the world's leading experts. He employed sacred geometry to design the Chartres labyrinth replicas for San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, and is the geomancy-feng shui consultant for Esalen Institute's long range planning.

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