Modern Science and Feng Shui- Seann Xenja

In this provocative, exciting, and information-filled program, Seann Xenja will present the latest scientific research on the connection between living and working environments, chronic stress, and health, and how Feng Shui actually works, based on the most recent discoveries in the fields of Cognitive Science, Nuerobiology, Genetics, and Evolutionary Psychology.

See how modern science explains and supports the value and basic principles of Feng Shui, and opens up a whole new dimension to the professional practice and practical application of Feng Shui for life in the 21st Century.

About Seann Xenja
Feng Shui expert Seann Xenja, C.I.D., based in Mill Valley, California, gives slide presentations, lectures, and provides site analyses worldwide. A construction and design professional, he has an MA in Education, a BA in Psychology, and is a senior student of Feng Shui Master Lin Yun.

Featured on CNN, he has been written about in New Age Journal, The San Francisco Examiner, The San Francisco Chronicle, AXXIS, Credencial, and many other publications in North and South America.

One of the first Western Feng Shui teachers, and co-creator of the first professional Feng Shui Practitioner training program in the US, Seann Xenja was the first Feng Shui practitioner and educator to teach throughout South America.

Cofounder and editor-in-chief of Feng Shui Journal from 1995-98, he is the author of two best selling videos, Feng Shui: The Ancient Chinese Art of Placement, and Advanced Feng Shui Techniques for Your Home or Office.

His lectures, presentations, classes, workshops, and advanced training courses combining classroom instruction with in depth field experience are available in both English and Spanish, and feature Placement Dynamics, his innovative approach to Feng Shui.

Placement Dynamics is the universal foundation underlying Feng Shui principles, practices, and techniques that lets you understand the interaction of people and places at the most fundamental level possible.

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