3inOne presents Suzie, Ella and Susanne.

Suzie JayesThey are three internationally renowned Fengshui consultants, whose mission is to bring more positiveness into peoples lives. They are living in different countries in Europe, but often together. Their last two lectures at the Society for Conscious Living and the Women’s Guild at the UN in Vienna were both powerful experiences for them. They are very happy to share their experiences with you on this event.

Suzie Jayes is an international recognised counsultant and teacher on Fengshui. A graduate in law and interior design, Suzie brings her business and design experience to Fengshui. She is chairperson of the London Fengshui Society and sits on the subcommitee set up to establish professional traning standart in Fengshui. She works as well as a Interior Alignment ™ master teacher for Fengshui consultants in Europe.