Feng Shui & Ecology International Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

18-23 September 1998


Roger Green teaches with the European Sc Feng Shui, and several other curriculums around the world. He has sponsored study tours to China and India, and is presently organising a April 1999 study tour to Tibet and Taiwan

Sabiha Rumani Malik has been the director of a major international architecture practice. She is passionate about ancient eastern philosophical and spiritual teachings and their integral place in contemporary architecture. She is the founder of The International Guild of Ecology and Design.

William Spear is the author of the best selling Feng Shui Made Easy. He has spoken at the U.N. and the Russian Science Academy on the subject of the environment. He lives in the U.S. where he has a practice in Macrobiotic Medicine, Feng Shui and natural architecture and community planning

Patricia Michael designs for a green hotel won Texas' (USA) top ecological award in 1997. She is a graduate of the Institute in Sustainable Systems Design and has published many papers on ecology and permaculture. She teaches Permaculture throughout the USA including many Universities.

Jenny Clark is an American TV Producer who has produced documentaries on the subjects of environment, social justice and community education.

Andre Pasteur is from Switzerland and has studied I Ching Oriental philosophy, Taoism and Feng Shui for many years. He is on the faculty of the European School of Feng Shui.

Fedrica Miller is a member of the GAIA Group of architects in Norway. She is also a community culture designer and has created an International guild of professionals who work together on Ecological houses and communities.

Maddy Harland from England is a publisher in Permaculture and ecological solutions. She specialises in local community economics and garden designs for temperate climates

Dr Marija Heffer Lauc brings several important perspectives: scientist, citizen of a former Soviet Bloc Country (Croatia) and a Permaculture Designer . She teaches biology at a medical school and specialises in Alchemy.

Jan Cisek is from Poland and has a feng shui and interior design practice that spans twenty years.

Gina Lazenby is the director of the Feng Shui Network International which runs seminars and training courses for Feng Shui practitioners. She is the author of the Feng Shui House Book published by Conran Octopus.

Christian Kyruacou is a architect and feng shui practitioner from London. He teaches classical principles of architecture, spatial harmonics and sacred geometry with the European School of Feng Shui.

Roberto Marrocchesi is a well known health consultant in the field of macrobiotics in Italy. He is a founding member of the European Feng Shui Association.

Barbara Harmony has published papers on global water-related issues for 19 years. She is the founder of a water design information centre in the U.S.

Kimberly Clark is an American Feng Shui Designer specialising in ecological buildings, woman's shelters and co-housing projects.

Prague - The Golden City

So rich and beautiful was Prague five centuries ago that it was called "The Golden City" - die Goldene Stadt - and the name, like the beauty, has remained. The fame of this crossroads of the medieval world spread along the great highways of Europe and fired the imagination of poets and peasants, artists and philosophers. The architecture of this fairy-tale city, dominated by a great castle, ancient pinnacles and spires of gold-filled churches, captures a mysterious, mystical quality rarely encountered in the world today.

The Feng Shui Ecology International Conference is held in the famous Old Town of Prague, surrounded by the imaginative exuberance of the Renaissance fountains and Baroque palaces.

Our intention for choosing this wonderful city was to gather people who are dedicated to a fresh new Europe. The common threads are the principles that unite us with Mother Earth and the Divine.

The Feng Shui and Ecology International Conference is dedicated to life enhancing designs and processes that preserve our environment and create a flourishing of awareness......


What is Feng Shui ? Lessons of Wind and Water

In simple terms, Feng Shui is the art of arranging homes and work places in such a way that the occupants feel in harmony with their environment. Our decisions about where to live and work can have a significant impact on our well being. Burdened with increasingly complex lives, and dwellings that have a 'toxic' effect, we need to establish environments that support rather than fragment our lives.

The direct translation of Feng Shui is 'Wind and Water', the elements of nature that shape our very existence. It has been used in the Orient for more than 3000 years. The universal principles it is based on make it applicable and adaptable to all people. It is an ancient art of analysing and balancing the natural flow of energy called 'chi'.

Feng Shui is firmly geared to the needs of today's business and domestic life and is rapidly being hailed as the environmental science of the 21st century. Over the last 5 years, in terms of book sales, it is one of the most published subjects in the world. The presenters we have gathered together represent some of the most experienced in the world today.


What is Permaculture?

Nature's Principles in Design The Right Livelihood Award (the Alternative Nobel Prize) was given to a brilliant systems designer from Australia, Bill Mollison in 1981 for his Permaculture Design Course. The course is the only design training to ever win a Nobel scale award. It won because it works and is appropriate all over the world. Patricia Michael, a student of Bill Mollison, describes permaculture as the following:

Permaculture is a whole-systems approach to ecological design based on the close observation of how healthy natural systems work. The philosophy of Permaculture, or "permanent culture," is to work with the Earth. The goal is to enrich and strengthen the natural ecology while making sure that people obtain their shelter, energy, food, water, income, community and aesthetic requirements.

By selecting appropriate technologies and using natural resources in a sustainable fashion, Permaculture applies fundamental natural laws to conserve resources, generate greater yields, and repair damage'.

Permaculture design links culture with nature by defining how we integrate our human activity into the landscape. It shows us how we can design our homes, offices, neighbourhoods, villages, cities, social systems, legal structures, economics and farming methods to be healthy, fun, safe, nurturing and respectful. By applying these principles we help nature flourish. The result is rich soil, pure water, lavish edible landscapes, and homes that are thoughtful, comfortable and built to endure.


Lectures and Workshops

The Feng Shui Ecology Conference is a unique event because it will create a merging of different schools of design -creating a cutting edge for everyone attending. We will be generating a powerful vortex of new ideas and expressions. Our aim is to unite Feng Shui, ecology, health and spiritual awareness under the one roof. Lectures will be in English and translated into German and Czech.


Exhibitions- Ecological Products And Research Material

Ecology is a growing industry, and at Prague we well be celebrating the diverse range of ecological products on the market today. Exhibitors from around the globe will have their products and services on display. Eco-products are inspired by the intelligent flow of nature, referred to as Gaia Consciousness, and offer another view of the building process. They don't waste resources, are not motivated by greed, are designed for sustainability not destruction, renewal not decay, and help dwellings heal their relationship with the land. The conference fosters on-going networking and research into 'whole systems' and energy efficient designs.


Study tour of Eco-designs

Leading up to the Conference, there is a study tour of eco architecture and village sites from around Europe, including Sweden, Denmark and Germany. More information is available from the sponsors on request.



The three day conference is followed by three days of workshops

Day One

Feng Shui principles and applications for health and prosperity

Day Two

Permaculture - A Pattern of Life

Get a powerful group of women from different cultures in a room and give them the juicy topic of designing a better world for their children and you are bound to have an exciting, funny, stimulating experience, packed with information and surprises.

Day Three

Sacred Spaces in Temple and Mosque Architecture Sabiha Rumani Malik and Christian Kyruacou

The outer walls of temples dazzle the eyes with maya, the illusion of existence. The inner sanctum symbolises the One enthroned in the human heart. Mystical Islam declares the unity of God with His creation - Mosque architecture influenced the architectural traditions of medieval Europe.

The History of Prague Architecture
A lecture by the Faculty of Architecture, Prague University

William Spear The Spirit of Feng Shui
Come look at the way of life in cultures where Feng Shui first emerged: what were the societal structures, geography and cultural contexts; how did families relate and communities develop? Glimpse a time when interior design was not the focus, but rather the integration with the world of spirit. Learn why we need to heal the separation of ourselves to re-connect with this original spirit.

Day four

One day workshop with William Spear -Ecology of the Soul

Is the Earth a living being? How do different environments on Earth affect behaviour. What is the human mind? How do we think? How do we live within infinity? What is Gaia Consciousness? The study of Feng Shui encompasses human consciousness in relationship to nature and the planet we call home: this is the principle that underlies Feng Shui Ecology. Learn to connect again with the intuitive genius within us all.

Day five

One day workshop with The Permaculture Design Women's Group

There are only seven basic patterns in nature. Understanding what those patterns are and how they function can increase the effectiveness of any design. Through a conscious understanding of these alchemical patterns- our designs can serve what is highest and most beautiful.

Day six

Feng Shui Astrology and Energy Cycles One day workshop with Roger Green and Andre Pasteur

Ancient people took into consideration the underlying influences of Universal Cosmology and the cycles of change. It is a deep, poetic, and accurate view of Life. With an understanding of Astrology Energetics comes the vital connection between Heaven & Earth, and our most auspicious orientations in space and time.


How to book

The three day conference is followed by three days of workshops. As places are limited - priority is first given to those who are attending the full 6 days and then to those who are attending the 3 day conference. Individual workshops can be booked separately - space permitting

It is essential for you to book with a deposit/full payment by the 18th of August- 1 month in advance.

Later bookings have a US $50 administration fee and we cannot guarantee you a place or accommodation. When we have received your payment, you will be sent information on accommodation, which will range from budget to 5 star, and a meal plan for conference lunches, including the party and entertainment on Saturday night. It is necessary for you to directly book your own choice of accommodation

Prague is an exceptionally popular place - so make sure to book early!

Aiming to overcome any kind of borders including economic, the fee structure is adjusted for participants from the former eastern bloc countries.

All fees quoted do not include accommodation or catering. Payment is made in your equivalent of US dollars exchange rate

Conference 18-20 September 1998
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - US $250 total
Former Eastern bloc countries - US $120 total

Workshops 21-23 September 1998
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - US $100 per day
Former Eastern bloc countries - US $40 per day


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Study Feng Shui Ecology and related arts in Prague - with world renown practitioners from America, England, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Norway and the Czech Republic.


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