Experience Zurich 4-9 July
The first International Feng Shui Conference of the new millennium gives you the opportunity to hear over 25 respected speakers from across the globe present their philosophies and unique insights into this ancient practice.
We have entitled this event 'Heaven, Earth and Humanity' to represent the three areas of Taoist applications in our life, environment and universe.

Master Alfred Huang, professor of Taoist philosophy and a third-generation master of Feng Shui and I Ching, will be joined by teachers as diverse as an anthropologist living with Amazonian Guarani Indians, a psychologist who aims to incorporate Feng Shui into underprivileged communities, and an award-winning architect specializing in environmentally sustainable design. You will also experience a lively and illuminating discussion from conference sponsor Roger Green, and a spectacular three-dimensional sacred geometry animation from master animator Dan Winter.

The Swiss city of Zurich, renowned for being a cultural and intellectual meeting place, has been chosen as the site for this special event. Boasting over 1000 fountains and acknowledged for its progressive green policy on city development, Zurich's central location in the heart of Europe makes it an ideal meeting point for anyone with a keen interest in Feng Shui.

'Heaven, Earth and Humanity' will be like no other Feng Shui conference you have attended. Each day a common theme will be explored in depth through panel discussions, lectures and the coming together of each guest as a group.
You are invited to participate in this great event by joining in and discussing your visions for a sustainable and inspiring future so we can all move forward together with deep respect, greater knowledge and true empowerment. With a fundamental understanding of Feng Shui comes the recognition of the vital connection between person and place, health, success and happiness.

NOTE: There are a limited number of seats available for this event and the trade show space is limited to 30 stands - so be quick and book now!

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This Conference includes some of the best teachers from around the globe.
Click on a picture to read more on each individual.

riba mcsd
van Til

Belik MSc
e Silva


Read about each of these teachers in German

Aims of the Conference
'Heaven, Earth and Humanity' aims to pioneer a greater understanding of classical Feng Shui across the globe. By listening to a range of key speakers who all incorporate Feng Shui into their professional and personal lives, conference guests will obtain practical knowledge that can be positively applied to their everyday lives. As well as exploring the universal principles and ancient wisdom, you will hear how the lifeforce energy synonymous with Feng Shui can be harnessed and made culturally relevant to our modern times. Discussion points will include how Feng Shui, as a movement, can contribute to the environment, ecology, third-world communities, wholistic healing, architecture and design.

In celebration of the fact that women make up the majority of the world's Feng Shui movement, the conference is dedicating a day to female Feng Shui designers from all over the world. Speakers include environmental consultant Patricia Michael, planning and design consultant Maschinka Verdijk, and Greek author and Feng Shui consultant Eleni Kairi. You can also experience an inspired selection of pre and post conference workshops run by Master Alfred Huang, Roger Green, William Spear, Sashikala Ananth and Dan Winter, and the event will include a Saturday evening party.

All guests can actively contribute to the conference, which will be facilitated through coming together at the beginning and end of each day to discuss themes and present conclusions. The vision for the conference is broad and the themes are consitutional. The events of each day will be recorded so that a document can be compiled for the benefit of everybody attending the conference. This unique document will serve as our ongoing commitment to Feng Shui and to our planet. It will be produced in both English and German and will be posted on the Internet at www.fengshuiseminars.com.

The global Feng Shui community has emerged as an agent for wholistic change, and 'Heaven, Earth and Humanity' will unite presenters from the US, Europe, India, China, Britain, South America, Africa and Australia with people from all over the world to encourage a further flourishing of awareness. Now is the time to present our dynamic ideas on health, freedom, spirituality and ecological freedom to the world.

The Programme
4th - 5th July: Pre-conference workshops
6th - 8th July: Conference
6th July: Friday evening, Dan Winter Animations
9th July: Post conference workshops.

Friday 6th July - Heaven Saturday 7th July - Earth Sunday 8th July - Humanity
Seminars on the I Ching, Feng Shui cosmology, astrology, universal patterns and future predictions.
Women presenters from around the world involved in feng shui projects, environmental awareness, ecological and indigenous designs and space clearing. Lectures and seminars, panel discussions on our present times, what choices we have, where to go from here.

Pre- conference workshops: Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th July Pay before the 31st May
4th July 9-5pm pre-conference workshop with Master Alfred Huang US $120 each
5th July 9-5pm pre-conference workshop with William Spear US $120 each
5th July 9-5pm pre-conference workshop with Roger Green US $120 each
Conference: 9am to 5.30pm Friday 6th to Sunday 8th  
6th- 8th July: 3 day Feng Shui conference/symposium event with over 25 speakers US $250
6th July Friday Evening 8pm Dan Winter Spectacular Animation Screenings US $20 each
Post- conference workshops: Monday 9th July 9th July 9-5pm  
Post-conference workshop with Master Alfred Huang US $120 each
9th July 9-5pm Post-conference workshop with Dan Winter US $120 each
9th July 9-5pm Post-conference workshop with Sashikala Ananth US $120 each
Trade Show and Exhibition: 5th - 8th  
9pm Thursday, July 5th to 5pm Sunday 8th July rental for table US $750
9pm Thursday, July 5th to 5pm Sunday 8th July rental for exhibition/ hotel foyer for large artworks US $250
Saturday night party : 7th July 8pm
Book NOW and pay on the day
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You can also send an American cheque: Other countries send an International money order All Cheques must be made payable to Roger Green  

YOU CAN PAY BY CREDIT CARD, by downloading and printing out the registration form below, and faxing it to;
+61 2 9365 7847
- or click here for the online store where you can register and pay with secure encrypted facilities

Click here to download a registration form (PDF)  
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NB don't forget there is a limited amount of seats available for this event.
The trade show also has a limited space. So be quick and book now!

NB Zurich is a popular destination for holidays & conferences in summer time.
It is vital that you book your accommodation NOW!

Swissotel - Zurich, Am Marktplatz Oberlikon, Switerland
Easy to find, centrally located in the village city of Zurich. The venue for our international conference has fantastic and intimate facilities. An easy 20 min taxi ride from the airport to downtown Zurich, and close to Zurich main station.


You are responsible for booking your own accommodation for the duration of the conference, however Swissotel is offering conference participants a special discount off normal rates on its recently renovated single, double and triple bedrooms. You can also have access to all hotel facilities and the swimming pool and gym.

Here are some Accommodation suggestions:
Swissotel - Zurich, Am Marktplatz Oberlikon, Switerland
To enjoy the special rate, simply state that you are attending the International Feng Shui Conference when making enquiries.
Telephone: +41 1 317 31 11
Fax: +41 1 317 3425
email: reservations.zurich@swissotel.com

The Zurich Tourist Office
The Zurich Tourist office has a well-organized and easy-to-use Internet site. You can find various styles of accommodation (from clean and cheap pension houses to Three, Four and Five-Star hotels - you can even camp!) and book/pay over the Internet. You can also access information on tours/leisure activities/things to see and do. www.zurichtourism.ch

Swiss style bed and breakfast In Zurich
For some fantastic deals on clean and tidy Swiss style bed and breakfast In Zurich- check out these two websites:

look up Zurich
approx. only $US 35 per night! (ie 55 CHF approx per night)

Foyer Hottingen
Hottingerstrasse 31
Tel. 256 19 19
Fax 256 19 00
Price from sFr. 95.-- up.
It takes approx. 20 Min. to Oerlikon from there.

Hotel Seefeld
Seefeldstrasse 63, 8008 ZY¨rich
Tel. 387 41 41, Fax 387 41 51
A nice new hotel
Prices are sFr. 145.00-170.00 for single room
165.00-225.00 for double bed
240.00 - 330.00 for Twin Room, all with bath/shower and breakfast.

Trade Show
If you need any more set up contructions for your table eg ie extra lighting/ frame works display panels (we only supply the table and it is the standard size ie six foot covered table) the Swissotel uses this contact in Zurich- he will be able to hire you equipment and help set up your table with extra's.
Contact for quotes:
API- DESIGN, Carlo Haueter (stand designer)
Architektur Design Messebau
Bandistr.29 8064 Zurich
Email: api@access.ch
TEL +41 1 430 51 11
Fax +41 430 51 10

Registration and Booking

Registration and Booking for the conference events;
You have 3 easy ways to book and pay for the conference events;
Via the internet, by email, or by post.

Step 1:First decide which events you are attending: pre/post seminars with William huang Winter Ananth 9-5pm
3 day conference: with over 25 speakers 9-5.30pm
Friday evening: Animations with Dan Winter 8-10pm

Step 2: Remember if you book early before 31st May you do not have to pay the late booking fee of US$100 which applies to each person.

Step 3: You can book and pay for this by visa or mastercard,
You can also pay by American, English, Euro,
Swiss cheques and currencies.
All other countries need to pay by international money order in US dollars.
Secure credit card facilities are available on the Internet, and you can download the registration form (PDF) and send by email.

If you are sending your registration and payment by post, all cheques are made payable to ROGER GREEN, the conference promoter and sponsor.
Convert your local currency to the equivalent in US$.
The exchange rate is based on the day of booking.

Step 4 Clearly write your name/s of all people attending, -and which events. If you are booking a display table - include your rental fee.
Your receipt/ tickets are sent to you by post.

International Feng Shui Conference 2001
P.O. Box 259
CH-8053 ZY¨rich
PH + 41 - 1 - 383 73 64
FAX +41 - 1 - 310 33 87

email enquires in German: "Karin Masha K."
email enquires in English: rogergreen@fengshuiseminars.com
Bookings by internet: www.fengshuiseminars.com

Sponsored by Roger Green and the European School of Feng Shui

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Click here to download a registration form in German (PDF)