International Feng Shui Conference - Budapest, Hungary - July 27-30, 2007

Budapest conference
Conference Post-Conference Workshop Sacred Sites of Budapest Tour Transylvania Tour
July 27-29, 2007 July 30, 2007 July 31-Aug. 2, 2007 August 4-7, 2007



International Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry Conference
Budapest July 27-30, 2007
With 30 experts from around the world!

Optional events:
Post Conference workshops: July 30
Magical mystery tour of the sacred sites surrounding Budapest: July 31-Aug 2
Transylvania Tour package:  Aug 3-7
Saturday night party and river cruise: July 28
Friday evening slide show:  July 27

Featuring advanced feng shui topics, leading edge sacred geometry teachers, cutting edge designers, the new wave of eco-design and healthy living practitioners…

Plus- the Budapest Drumming and Musical group will be performing at our opening ceremonies and on our Budapest tour!

Budapest has reasonably priced hotels, thermal spa baths, ancient sacred sites, great wine, Gypsy music and goulash soup, Baroque architecture and ancient castles, all surrounded by the magical Danube river. Our conference venue is in the most interesting part of town, up on the hill and is also a great example of Hungarian Classical architecture.

We have special early booking discounts, easy to use online booking and payments, downloadable pdfs and extensive information on travel and accommodation below so please read carefully. Budapest is easy to get to- jump on a plane and you are there! Make sure you book very early- as the venue we have has limited space and we are in Budapest at the best time of the year.

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Welcome to the conference
Tour of Transylvania Sacred Sites
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The Conference venue

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Must See Sites Around Budapest  

Welcome to the conference

Join us this summer in a wonderful exciting ancient part of the world.

We are bringing people together to celebrate and enjoy our wonderful philosophies and passions, embraced in a common theme, the rejuvenation of our thinking, planet and design systems.

Come and learn about Sacred Architecture, cosmology, cutting edge Sacred Geometry and listen to Ecological Design specialists and Feng Shui experts. Share and discuss your ideas and visions so as a collective we can move forward with deep respect, understanding and empowerment.

Learn, be inspired, uplifted and energized...join people from all over the world who are gathering this summer in Budapest!

This will be the 7th International Feng Shui and Ecology Conference sponsored by Roger Green and Feng Shui Seminars. Prague, Melbourne, New England (USA), Zurich, San Luis Obispo and San Diego are the first six.

So don’t miss out- and book early! We have great discounts for early registration (and convenient online booking/payment options)- and book your hotel and flights very soon- it’s the summer holiday season!

The Location

Budapest is the home of spectacular scenery, historic buildings, lake resorts, health thermal spas, quiet country roads, rejuvenating mineral springs and mild sunny weather. Ancient sacred sites surround it. Budapest's recorded history begins with the Roman town of Aqincum, around AD 89.

You can visit the Old Castle where you will find medieval monuments, old libraries and museums. Hidden underneath the Castle are the famous caves of Budapest. Stroll in the evening through the Old Town, which has quaint colorful houses, narrow streets and alleyways with many restaurants and cafes.

Baroque architecture, ancient castles, wooded hills, loads of wine, the famous gothic Parliament buildings glowing like a birthday cake on the river. And the Hungarian food and music is the stuff of myth and legend!


The sacred Danube River creates the perfect Feng Shui to host our 2007 conference!

The Venue

Our conference venue is absolutely fabulous – located in the famous Old Town of Budapest, up on the “Castle Hill” (Varhegy) -over looking the city.

The venue is called Kogart House
Click here for more information

alt   building
kulso   building

Every Taxi driver will know Kogart House- near the Varhegy Old Castle. Budapest is not a large city and after a day it is easy to know your way around

The address is: Kogart House
H 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.
Phone:+36 1 354 3839

Our hotel suggestions below are in close proximity to the conference venue and easy walking distance. However- if you are downtown or on the other side of Budapest here are some directions:

Budapest’s 19th century M1 yellow line metro runs underneath Andrassy ut. With the Millennium Metro (V. district Deák Tér-XIV. district Mexikói út), between the Bajza street and Hero's square subway stations. With Bus 4, about 5 minutes walk from Hero's square. 15 minutes walk from Oktogon. By car: From Munkácsy Mihály or Andrássy street (Hero's square).

LUNCHES- healthy and light

Our lunches will also be served at the conference venue- that way you can maximize your time with all the new people you will be meeting. Each day we will have available healthy light and nourishing vegetarian meals (with some optional fish dishes). The local catering company is excited about meeting so many international people- they are sure to put on an interesting spread!  Pay on the pay- approx 12 Euro (please indicate on the registration form you wish to have lunch with the group at the conference venue- and pay later on each day)

Friday night slide presentation with Dr Istvan Szemerey

A history of Ancient Hungarian culture with its roots and language in the ancient Sumerian civilization.
8.30-10.30pm (optional event.) Fee 10 Euro at the door. Drinks and socializing afterwards at our venue.

Saturday Night party, Dinner and River Cruise

This you will have to prebook for – on the registration form. A great night on the River Danube

Explore the contrasts of old and new as we sail ‘mere lily down the stream- life is but a dream’.  A highlight of anyone’s trip to Budapest is to witness the city pulsating at night from the river D.

9 bridges (lucky number) span across the river, we will pass by the famous Parliament Buildings glowing at night.  The sheer beauty of this city will overwhelm you. Join us for a fun filled, music driven romantic evening.

All-inclusive: cruise and 4 course dinner and wine
X Euros cost price per head (includes 20% tax)
Please prebook on registration form.


Budapest has very reasonably priced hotels and accommodations and an easy destination to fly to from anywhere in Europe. For example, Easy Jet has 30 GB pound tickets from London leaving 2-3 times per day.

HOWEVER- BOOK early- it’s the summer holiday session so it is a busy time of the year- plus our venue location is the best area in Budapest!

We highly recommend this hotel
Simple, clean and very close by to our conference venue:

Approx US $100-150 per night
Twin share available
Ph +36 1 212 0269
Contempory comfort at the absolute heart of Castle hill.

Here are some great websites to search for HOTELS IN BUDAPEST and to compare rates:
Great hotel deals
Here is the Budapest page link
Great selection of three star plus hotels and hostels in Budapest and events places to see and do
Vacation rental homes by owners- find an apartment in Budapest
More hotels…

4 star hotel close by
Krisztina Korut 41-43
Tel: (+36) 1/4888100
Direct link click here

Phone 36-1-466 5794
Historic old fortress, with great views
Gold Hotel
Phone 36-1-209 4775
Cheerful and modern
5 star hotel
1014 Budapest, Hess András tér 1-3.
Phone: +36 1 889-6600, Fax: +36 1 889-6644
  InterContinental Budapest
Very close by to our venue
Hotel Front Desk: 36-1-3276333
US $ 150 upward

These hotels above are still on the BUDA side of Budapest
So our venue is still easy to get to, either a walk or a short taxi or bus or train ride


The city’s most famous thermal spa is the Gellert Furdo located at the Gellert Hotel
Soaking in this Art Nouveau palace has been likened to taking a bath in a cathedral.
Danubius Hotel Gellert
1111 Budapest, Szent Gellert ter 1.
Prestigious, old hotel on the banks of the Danube River within walking distance to the heart of Budapest.
Facilities include the famous Gellert Thermal Bath with sparkling bath, wave bath, steam bath, outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace, sauna, solarium, and beauty parlor
You can still get good room rates from US $150 upwards

Try some of the website mentioned above and compare rates with the hotel rates at
Click here

Travel Information

Budapest is an easy destination to fly to from anywhere in Europe. For example, Easy Jet has 30 GB pound tickets from London leaving 2-3 times per day.

Budapest is now part of the EEC and so generally there is no need for visa etc. (South Africans do need a visa.) All you need is a valid passport.

Malev is the national airline (Hungarian Airlines) they have some flights directly to Budapest from the USA (sometimes very cheap flights from NYC) and many parts of Europe.

With the advent of so many no-frills carriers in both the USA and Europe, there are plenty of cheap tickets available to a variety of gateway cities

If traveling from anywhere outside Europe, it is best to compare prices with various websites and airlines e.g.
Cheap flights to Budapest from around
the world
Cheap flights to Budapest from Europe/UK (for bookings within the next 28 days)

-A great site for all flights to Budapest
from around the world, plus hotels
Cheap airline tickets and discounted airfare
1-800 677 2943
Great service  (for bookings within 7 days)

Note: Vienna’s airport is only 3 hours away by bus and 5.5 hrs away by riverboat.

Note: The Budapest airport is approx 35 mins. Taxi drive into the city.  Approx. fee is US $40-50. Buses are available also. Change some money at the airport so you have some local cash for transportation and taxis.

Local money is called the Florint (Ft)
Approx 250Ft= 1 E, 194 Ft=US, 358Ft=GBP

Weather and what to bring info:

Warm to hot- with perhaps some cooler breezes in the evening. Wear and celebrate COTTON! Smart casual attire- with dress up evening for the Saturday night River Cruise. Pack passport, notebook, sunglasses, sun hat, camera, toothbrush and a happy face.

Great info on sites, events, hotels, and location of all spa thermal baths, museums, famous cathedrals etc.

Also check out:
Great section on Budapest Hungarian history, sightseeing and shopping

Budapest Tourism Office

Hungary has over 100 thermal baths and many are attached to hotels with wellbeing packages. 
At the Gellert Furdo in Budapest you can soak in palatial elegance surrounded by tiled mosaics and stained-glass skylights. At Bubble up at the Szechenyi Furdo (turn of the century) in the City Park in Pest (part of Budapest) where you can bath in the open air.

Gerbeaud café- serving coffee and cake since 1870.
V. Vorosmarty ter 7, on the Pest side of town.


New Budapest building shields residents from electro smog

Hungary's first building to protect its residents from electro smog and radon gas was completed in November 2006. Residents report feeling more relaxed and better rested than they did in their previous homes. Read here.

Click on a teacher for more information...
x x x
Roger Green Alex Stark Barbara Hencheck Carol J. Hyder Carol Cannon
x x x x
Christian Kyriacou
Jeannie Tower Jan Cisek Robert Sachs Michael Rice
x x x x x
Professor Wang Yang M.D Denise Linn Mallku R.D.Chin Janus Welton
x x x x x
Eric Dowsett Michael Borden Richard Feather Anderson Karla Walter Meihwa Lin
x x x x x
Ella Leimgruber More Lynn Palmer David Twicken Suzie Jayes Kelly Shell Jones
x x x x x
Susanne Baumgartner Jonathan NG Mondo Secter P.h.D Terah Kathryn Collins Jain
x x x x x
Manu Butterworth Gareth Cole Seann Xenja
Maria Martins James Jay
x x x x x
Patricia Michael Cynthia Murray Vic Ketis Christan Humme Leslie Goldman
x Michael Rapp
  Michael Rapp      

Conference Topics

Ergonomics and Feng Shui - more creativity in the office Temples and Sacred Geometry
Creating Sanctuary Space Introduction to Sacred Geometry
The Quest for the Grail The Imperial Heaven Stars -advanced Feng Shui
Invocation and Mantras to the Bodhisattva of Wisdom Biofeedback & the Harmonics of Enlightenment
Breathing New Life into Your Existing Building Feng Shui and Bau-biologie TM
Feng Shui and Clearing the Clutter Business Feng Shui
How to create Holistic Architecture Love Remedies and Flower Essences
Feng Shui as Great Chance to a Global Wisdom Fractal science behind Feng Shui
The Truth of the Indigos Feng Shui in Real Estate
Turning base metal into gold Location, Location, Location, Feng Shui
Growing and Nurturing Your Feng Shui Business Using the 5 Elements as a Guide to Your Life
Sacred Architecture and the Alchemy of the Heart The Potential of Place
My personal journey with Bazi (Feng Shui Astrology) The Spirit of Place
Principles of Space Clearing Goddess Feng Shui for the community
Effective Communication at Home and in Business using Nine-Star Feng Shui Astrology Alchemy of Sound
Space Clearing Ceremonies in The Forbidden City Flying Stars Feng Shui as a forecasting tool
Energy-Shifting Tips and Techniques for Client Breakthroughs Exploring Invisible Architecture
Feng Shui and Children Spaces Creating Sanctuary
Experiencing Interior Alignment The Power of Placement
The language of uncontiousness through symbols Flying Kuas -advanced Feng Shui
Science & The Real Dragon Blood history of Germaine, Transylvania and Ancient Hungarian A brief introduction to Hungarian ancient history

5 Workshops to choose from: Monday July 30th.
Book and pay cash on the day:
Workshop times: 9.30-5pm
Registration table opens 8am. Fee 150 Euro

Sacred Sound, Sacred Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail through the Alchemy of the Heart workshop with Christian Kyriacou and Phil Gruber

Sacred Science of Conscious Evolution, Environment Design and Key to a Physics of Spiritual Immortality. Workshop with Dan Winter.

The Real Flying Stars:  Advanced Feng Shui workshop with Tony Holdsworth

The Science and art of Ayurveda with Robert Sachs

Healing Planet Earth with Christan Hummel

Budapest river

The Magical Mystery tour of Sacred Sites surrounding Budapest
Tuesday July 1 thru to Thursday August 2

Join us for a very special time together as we journey in our own coach to these special locations. The local Feng Shui practitioners know these areas well and have carefully selected them for us.

Group meditations, ceremonies, energy flows and drumming group
Lake Balaton, the largest Lake in Europe with the countrys highest peak being Mount Keyes. Sandy clean pristine beaches so bring your swimmers.
Szentendre, a town of narrow streets, stone and wood, a charming old town centre, and a large open air museum of historical dwellings.
Follow the Danube as it breaks thru into the Pilis Hills, rolling green scenery and historic monuments.

Full day tour inclusive of lunches and 1 evening meal on the last day, transportation, ceremonies, Budapest Drumming Group, meditations,
Fee: 360 Euro. Limited spaces- first in first served.
Pre-payment and booking a must on registration form
Limited to 50 people
Times: July 31, 8am- 6pm, Aug 1, 8am- 6pm, Aug 2, 8am- 10pm
Pick up and set down: Kogart House- Conference venue.


The Sacred Sites Tour of Transylvania
Depart Friday August 3rd from Budapest airport
Return Tuesday 7th to Budapest airport

Join Dan Winter, Roger Green, Melinda Szemerey and friends for a trip of a lifetime!

EARLY immediate booking is essential for this trip- as airfares get booked out early for this destination. There is only one plane going to Transylvania on Friday 3rd August- and we want you to be on it.

Some say that Transylvania sits on one of the earth’s strongest magnetic fields and its people have extra-sensory perceptions. The area is also home to Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Jules Verne’s “The Castle from the Carpathians” and it is easy to get caught up in the tales while driving along winding roads through dense, dark, ancient forests and mountains passes.

Our focus will not be on the usual tourist places, but on the high-energy field sacred places. We are guided to these secret places by Melinda Szemerey, who was born and breed in this area and is now a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher living in Budapest.

A glimpse of what pre-industrial Europe looked like

We are most likely the last generation to witness the medieval lifestyle of Transylvania. Centuries-old traditions are still alive, many favor traditional dress, and women sit outside their gates coaxing course wool into spindles. This is an area that still uses horses in the fields and for local transportation (we are using a coach).  We will stumble upon unique architectural treasures, small ancient houses, narrow cobblestone streets, and small shops with a range of hand-made products from local artisans.

We arrived into the town of Targus Mures, famous for its stunning stained glass windows.  Not far away (and we will visit) are the some of the best – preserved medieval towns of Europe. They are living symbols of Transylvania. Sighisoara is described as one of the most beautiful towns in the heart of Transylvania, and one of the greatest medieval towns left in the world. It will make you feel as if you are in a completely different time and space; it wins the time-travel cake by a long shot. Featuring a clock tower from the 14th Century, secret gateways and passages. It is also famous as the birthplace of Dracula, the son of Vlad Dracul (The Dragon). 

20 miles down the track is the town of Sibiu, chosen as the European Cultural capital of 2007, which has the oldest art museum in Romania, and once was the richest town of Transylvania. It is laced with Gothic Architecture. (10,000 B.C- approx. date of the first known cave paintings in northwest Transylvania)

Building on what you will learning at the Budapest International conference- Transylvania has deep significence in tracking the ancient Sumerian language and culture and the royal blood lines of Europe

Dan Winter will be explaining:
The Real Dragon Blood history of Germaine, Transylvania and Ancient Hungarian.
The Galactic History of DNA exemplified in the Story of Transylvania 
When the ancient Draco Dragons carved their message on the wall what language did they use: OLD HUNGARIAN
WHY and from where did the Dragon culture - in Eastern Europe for example where you can find a dragon statue on most any bridge and emblem - rule?
For what reason did the Draco's breed the bloodline of St Germaine, son of Francis II Rákóczi - Prince of Transylvania – what did they share with most of the royal families of Europe?
Is the Elohim /Annunaki Dragon / Seraphim / Uru ancient Summaire (means Dragon) - ET history of the human genome - a story of the GOOD guys -like Gardner says - or the bad guys like Icke said?
Or is it that both sides of the family -(many names- one story: The Seraphim v Ophanim, Dracu v Aku, Michael v Lucifer, Uru v Ibi, Cain v Abel, Amun v Atun, Enlil v Enki, Jew v Arab) shared the same problem?

4 nights- 5 days package includes airfare, accommodation, tour coach, teacher’s tuition (Dan, Roger, Melinda), guides and sacred sites, plus bites on the neck. Breakfast is included with accommodation. Lunch and dinner not included, you are free to choose various cafes and restaurants to suit your needs. The food is very reasonably priced.
Fee: 625 Euros per person

EARLY immediate booking is essential for this trip- as airfares get booked out early for this destination. There is only one plane going to Transylvania on Friday 3rd August- and we want you to be on it.

You will need to supply passport name and prepayment to sponsor Roger Green as soon as you can- please check first if we have any spaces are left. He will immediately book your flight.
No visa are needed as Romania as it is part of the EU

Note: the plane does not go until the evening of Friday 3rd August- that gives you a rest day in Budapest and time for more sightseeing. The plane returns early in the morning of Tuesday 8th- if you need to make any plans for connecting flights.

We suggest you pack lightly for this 5-day trip; perhaps leave the bulk of your luggage at your Budapest hotel in store to collect on your return. The flight to Transylvania has a limit of 20 kg per person plus carry on.

Email your booking for this tour to:
with passport name. Book and pay for the tour on main registration form.

For more information
Phone: 1-917 969 9989


Testimonials from the last conference

The sharing of ideas and different approaches, I loved the fact it was so diverse. Just an awesome selection of presenters. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Robert Delvin, San Francisco, CA

Opening and closing ceremonies were inspiring; I enjoyed the variety of approaches.  I also appreciated the diversity of speakers and a refreshing emphasis on Sacred Geometry.
Linda Johnson, Sebastopol, CA

The broad range of topics covered by teachers from around the world really shows how global Feng Shui is.
Kathy Allen, San Francisco, CA

Getting to know Feng Shui practitioners from all over the world was great. The variety of speakers was excellent.
Tina Mac Lennan, San Ramon, CA

Wow!  It was the best-organized conference I've attended. So much love and care. Patricia Michael, Austin, TX

I enjoyed being exposed to lots of new ideas and new ways of thinking about our spaces, our health and our lives for us and for others. I really enjoyed Roger's Intro to Feng Shui.
Sherry Lewis, Los Angeles, CA

I was able to find things I wouldn't have known. I loved the Sacred Geometry and the opportunity to meet and hear the incredible speakers. Brenni Larson, Dallas, TX

Meeting all the speakers and people, finding a group of people with love and open hearts to share with the universe.
A L Theberge, Atascadero, CA

The presenters were just great, fabulous friends, and great networking. Linda S Steinberg, Dallas, TX

Opening ceremonies was great. I came a long distance to see great speakers. So much love and knowledge shared. I am happy, well done Roger and all your team. God Bless. Kaiser Shroff, London, UK 

Many things were wonderful - connecting with old and new friends, opportunity to experience new teachers and to find new paths of knowledge. Michele Sayres, New York


All speakers appearing in the International Feng Shui Conference are accepted in good faith. The promoter/sponsor assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims, conditions, products, services, errors and /or opinions expressed through seminars, workshops, articles, advertisements, and promotions appearing in or for this conference. We are not responsible for any quality, defects, or refunds of products available and purchased under your own discretion.  All products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The organizers may have to change the scheduled timetable due to teacher cancellations or unforeseen emergencies; no partial refunds are given for any conference events. We do not take responsibility for property damages, lost items, and individual injuries.

You will need to have ticked our terms and conditions box on our registration form accepting these policies to be able to register for any event for the next conference.