M. Carol Assa

Exploring Invisible Architecture

M. Carol AssaIn this talk, we will look at a variety of invisible energies on Earth; not only the vertical telluric and cosmic grids such as Hartmann, Curry and Peyre, but also the horizontal grids which are less well known. We will investigate how these grids and other etheric structures, affect every aspect of our daily lives. We will also look at the importance of magnetism, both diamagnetic and paramagnetic.

Everyone has an etheric umbilical cord, which connects them to a particular spot and time on Earth; their birthplace. Every structure we build has a similar etheric connection. This knowledge is utliized in in compass school Feng Shui to create amazingly accurate energetic blueprints. Determining the location, direction and quality of all of these "invisible" connections and grids is essential for our health and well being. Come and learn how to discover your etheric connections.

About M. Carol Assa

M. Carol Assa is a Classical Feng Shui consultant, lecturer and teacher. By combining the ancient Chinese geomantic art of Feng Shui with the science of current building biology and the power of shape, color and sound, she guides students and clients in creating healthy, happy and life - supporting homes and businesses.

She also gives workshops, lectures and classes on dowsing, geomancy, sacred geometry, esoteric anatomy, spiritual alchemy, and "Nature of the Soul." She has been a student of the Wisdom for over thirty years and is continually researching and practicing the energetics of "conscious creativity" through the relationship of spirit, consciousness and matter.

Contact: M. Carol Assa <fohat33@earthlink.net>