Carol Cannon (USA)

Breathing New Life into Your Existing Building,
with Feng Shui and Bau-biologie

Carol CannonOne of the most sustainable approaches to building is to renovate a building that already exists. In this talk, you will learn how to approach a renovation or total rehabilitation of an existing building. Using the tools of Feng Shui and Bau (Building) Biologie, your will discover a step by step approach to details needed to successfully bring new life to a tired or run down building. Challenges and accomplishments of actual case studies will be provided, providing you with tools to confidently begin to approach your own project!

About Carol Cannon, BBEI

Carol Cannon, BBEC is a certified Feng Shui Consultant and Building Biology Environmental Consultant. Drawing on experience begun with her first farm house purchase and renovation project 30 years ago, she has been involved in the world of real estate construction ever since. A former VP of Commercial Real Estate Appraisal for new commercial construction loans at Chase Manhattan Bank, she has vast experience in both commercial and residential construction and renovation projects. Recently, she returned to reside in her native Pennsylvania, USA, after 20+ years of Florida living. Her consulting practice is now focused in the Northeast United States and Florida.