Christan Hummel

The Spirit of Place

Christan HummelDiscover how to access the spirit of place so that you can know how best to harmonize each space with its location through an intuitive feng shui. Strengthen the connections with the inner dimensions. Learn how to access this hidden "partner" in nature. Discover who original feng shui masters were divining in this ancient art of divination. The land has a consciousness, and so does each house and property. This can be understood and accessed by one who is willing to listen. Learn how to listen to the messages from the land and how to use this gift in your feng shui practice.

Principles of Space Clearing

The energtic matrix of a home is what determines its health, harmony and alignment with the earth and its inhabitants. While feng shui cures will be very effective in rebalancing this matrix when disturbed, it can be greatly enhanced when the energetic imprints and vibrations from the past are cleared first.

Topics Covered:
Dealing with Predecessor energy
Entities: safe, loving ways of releasing them.
Space Clearing Tips
Effects of Noxious Earth Energies
Uses of Sound, essential oils, geometry, symbols and movement for space clearing
Healing the land of past battle energies.
Space Clearing and real estate applications

Goddess Feng Shui for the community

For thousands of years, feng shui has used by governments, military leaders, and captains of industry to support their goals and ideals, and has led to an excessive accumulation of Yang energy on the planet. However, the basic origin of feng shui had it roots in a more Goddess based tradition honoring the sacredness of the earth and cooperating with the sacred points of the land for the good of the community. While this ancient practice is all but lost except to shamans and various indigenous cultures, its understanding and practice is well within the grasp of any feng shui consultant to revive this lost art. In fact, a kind of "reverse" feng shui already exists in most all cities in the world today. One which co-opts the energies of the earth for egoic power and control and uses very specific forms of feng shui to do so. This has been documented as long ago as the Romans. However, through simple ceremonies and feng shui skills these intentions can be redirected towards honoring of the land and harmonizing with it. Where small groups have employed these techniques, profound results have ensued including lower crime rates, reduced pollution levels, restored bird and marine life, and rebalancing of weather patterns.

Alchemy of Sound

How to use sound in your feng shui practice, and the transformational effects of sound on health and the environment.
Cymatics: sound and the matrix of creation.
Sacred sounds: mantra, chanting, hymns.
Toning: how to make tones, the effects of vocal toning.
Accoustic sounds: chimes, bells, bowls, flute, guitar, drums; their qualities, when to use them and where.
Nature's sounds: their effects, the bio-accoustic Gaian matrix, how nature uses sound to rebalance the ecosystem.
Sound and architecture: how sound interacts with form and how form produces inaudible sounds.

About Christan Hummel

Christan Hummel is an international lecturer and author of the "Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit." Christan has presented at International Feng Shui conferences, and taught at the Nordic School of Feng Shui. In addition, she has presented before the British Society of Dowsers, at the Gatekeepers Conference in the UK, at both the American and was the keynote speaker at both the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and Energy Kinesiology conference. In addition, she has taught courses and at the schools of Kinesiology in Bilbao and Barcelona, Spain. She is co-founder of Earth Transitions, and has worked with leading edge inventors to create a global grassroots pollution clearing networks shown to lower crime, pollution, earthquakes and rebalance weather patterns globally. She has studied sound theory and practice with Chris James, Wayne Perry, and Tom Kenyon, and combines her knowledge of over 30 years of working with the devic realms and ancient wisdom teachings of Alice Bailey, with current technologies.

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