Doris Fortwengel

My personal journey with Bazi (Feng Shui Astrology)
a journey between simple questions and complex answers and last but not least a journey to a deeper understanding of life

Doris FortwengelMy journey with bazi started years ago with simple questions like "Which element I am?", went on with "Do I fit to my husband?" to more complex ones like asking for my "Karma".

Year by year I understood myself more and deeper through learning, teaching and doing readings for other people - a never ending process - and after all these years I feel that I am at a special point, a point to share with others: getting clear with oneself means at the same time to get more power to change your life in the way you may want too.

This is what I want to share with you: a journey through parts from my own horoscope, but also with horoscopes which impressed and influenced myself deeply. Finally this should encourage you to start your own journey, a journey with up and downs, but at the end with happiness and fulfillment -- let´s start!

About Doris Fortwengel

Doris Fortwengel
Born 1960
1980 beginning to read and to work with the I Ging
1981 study of architecture at the Berlin high school of arts since 1985 working as an architect
In the nineties founding a school for "Traditional Chinese sciences" with Manfred Kubny (Feng Shui, Bazi, Qimen Dunjia)

Courses and lectures
2003 opening one own school for Chinese Astrology with special research for the western and female aspects of the four pillars of destiny and the possibilities for combining Feng Shui and Bazi

Teaching and readings in Europe and the USA
speaker at the Feng Shui conference in San Diego, USA 2005
speaker at the Feng Shui and Geomancie Symposium in Kassel, Germany 2006
speaker at the Feng Shui and Geomancie Symposium in Cologne, Germany 2007
master class of Feng Shui with Josef Yu, special Teachings of Feng Shui and Daoism by Ya Tsung Huang
Qimen Dunjia with Feng Hanqing
education in Chakra work
member of the EFGB,
2006 starting a special project, the
2007 beginning to write a book about Chinese Astrology

Living in Berlin, Germany
Doris Fortwengel