Istvan Jakab

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Istvan JakabThe modern man of today's world does not care about the past, the rules that guided his ancestors mean nothing to him. He is not interested in his roots.

He does not care about the present, either. Knowing what it is to live on this Earth has no significance to him, and he does not know what it means to be part of nature.

Each civilization has its own system of symbols and each of the symbols activates an own system of energy and information. Systems which have the same or almost the same structure are able to communicate with each other. Nowadays people try to understand each other by using different languages, but it is hard to use it.

Each of the ancient cultures can preserve their essences through the symbols and writings.

It is dangerous to mix the symbols of the different cultures, it may course a lot of misunderstandings. The symbols have a powerful effect on people.

It is important to know which picture or object what may course in our energetic field an affect our everyday life by directly affecting our thoughts, feelings or even our health.

  • Topics covered
    The manifestation of the unconsciousness through symbols
  • Painters: the experts of the unconsciousness
  • The effect of the symbols on our everyday life
  • God is in our palms
  • Ancient Hungarian symbols

About Istvan Jakab

Istvan Jakab is one of the most popular lecturer, researcher, writer and spiritual healer in Hungary. He knows already that the world can manifest itself through the sound of silence. This world communicates with him through colours, feelings and through the ancient language of symbols.