Dr. István Szemerey

A introduction to the ancient history of Hungary

Dr. István SzemereyA special slide presentation on Friday evening
8.30-10pm, July 27 with Dr. Szemerey

  • Featuring:
    Short introduction of the historical period from the Sumerians till the Hunnish king Attila
  • Description of the Hungarian holly crown
  • Presentation of the ancient Hungarian language
  • Historical relationship between the Celts and Skets
  • Hungarian history from astrological point of view
  • Hungarian Christianity
  • Hungarian symbols, energetic objects and methods

About Dr. István Szemerey

Current member of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The VDPC (German Association for Plastic Surgery) as well as The Hungarian Association of Plastic Surgery.

In his spare time does research regarding the ancient roots of the hungarian language and culture, as well as in the meaning and importance of the Hunagrian holy crown.

  • 1982 graduated from The Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary with General Physician degree.
  • 1987 following an internship at St. Stephan's Hospital received a degree in General Surgery.
  • 1991 received a degree in Plastic Surgery in Budapest, Hungary.
  • 1991 opened private practice - Mediburg Clinic. , Budapest.
  • Extensive experience in new methods i.e., endoscopic plastic surgery (auxilary breast enlargement, endoscopic forehead and mid-face lift) and laser juvenation.