Melinda Szemerey

Happiness Makes Healthy
In Hungarian and English

Melinda SzemereyLove Remedies are a new generation of flower essences that are made from the vital energy of living plants. Traditional methods of creating flower remedies often involve plants scarificing part of themselves to heal others. The Stepanovs method is now the basis of a range of 45 flower remedies made from Australian wild flowers called the Love Remedies.

Vibrational healing uses the frequencies of nature such as light, sound, magnetism, and flowers to influence our bodies to vibrate healthily. In fact all our cells have vibration. Pulsing together, they create a field of energy or aura. When all the cells in the field vibrate harmoniously together, we are healthy.

Flower essences can profoundly heal our thoughts and emotions that create physical illness.They assist self-healing by encouraging self-analysis - to recognise and understand the problem. They clear "the fog" and enable the user to envision his/her own life plan with clarity.

The remedies create an electromagnetic current in the circulatory and nervous system and activate the meridians. They amplify and balance the chakras, the body's energy centres and coax our body gently and powerfully to harmony by influencing the energy patterns in our body to vibrate in health and harmony with them.

About Melinda Szemerey

Melinda Szemerey is an experienced Feng Shui consultant, author, & instructor and has studied this design science intensively with recognized Masters.

She has appeared on numerous television shows and has just published a feng shui book. She is the chairwoman of the Hungarian Feng Shui Association and chief editor of the Hungarian Feng Shui Magazine. She has had numerous projects featured in magazines worldwide and has taught and lectured about the prosperity and health attributes of feng shui.

She is also an aromatherapist who is passionately interested in spreading love and peace in the world. Personal growth has played a very significant part in her life for many years leading to her development as an intuitive healer and to explore and research vibrational medicine.