Oldrich Hozman (Czech Reb)

How to Create Holistic Architecture

Oldrich Hozman (Czech Reb)Come and learn practical knowledge that can be positively applied to holistic design. I will talk about the tools for designing sustainable dwellings, including the biological and health aspects of buildings. I will cover ecological constructions and materials, Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui being applied to architecture. I will talk about my projects and how they incorporate subtle levels of Landscape and Geomancy.

Discover how to unify Architecture and the 'Elemental' kingdoms, personal environments and methods of creation on a deep level.

About Oldrich Hozman

Oldrich Hozman was born 1964 in Prague, Czechia. Olda is an architect and artist. He graduated on the University of Applied Arts in Prague in 1989. He has run his own professional architectural studio since 1992. Since 1999 he has been working and creating geomantic multi-dimensional projects, environmentally Sustainable Architecture and Interior Designs. Olda has used Feng shui, Vastu Shastra and incorporates also Slovenian energetic systems into his works.

His favorite interests is Sacred Geometry, Geomancy, cooperation with elementals and dowsing. He has studied the Order of the Universe, Antrophosophy, Macrobiotics and various healthy life styles. He has applied these principles into his environmental and architectural projects.. Olda teach how to cultivate personal environment and methods of creation on a deep level. He is licensed Czech Architect (member of the Chamber of Czech Architects).