Peter Jordan

Ergonomics and Feng Shui - more creativity in the office

peter jordanThe working time in the office is a phase in the life of many people, which plays an important role in maintaining their health. The office constitutes a working environment with a multitude of physical and psychological demands, challenges or burdens, which have a long term effect on the person working in an office. A high degree of psychologically influenced misconduct and resultant physical ailments are a result of this.

On the contrary, a meticulous and holistic design of the working environment can also promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the well being of body and mind. This also promotes productivity and the ability of innovation of the company.

How to facilitate creativity at the workplace?

Harmonious organic forms symbolize abundance, security and formative free space. Creative development, imagination and strength of expression are made possible. Unnecessary regularity and rigid forms, in structures and at the workplace, psychologically work against and inhibit the creative approach of the individual. Moreover such unyielding expression is simply too banal for our mental abilities considering the biological diversity we are used too since millions of years.

Organic forms stimulate and are aesthetically pleasing. But organic forms can imply a higher intelligence by means of geometric forms, which have their roots in mathematics. Our unconscious is aware of such relationships and is content having discovered it's "intelligent" environment. Therefore it's particularly important, with regard to organic forms, that geometry is used to ensure the higher approach of intelligence at work.

Ergonomics and Feng Shui at the workplace - more creativity - more quality of live - more productivity.

About Peter Jordan (Germany)

Peter Jordan, is the director and founder of Vital-Office GmbH - office planning and furniture design for health and vitality, and a unique and holistic way of designing office environments.

His business lead him to ergonomics in the early 80's when he started producing adjustable computer furniture. 1989 he was the first in Germany who designed anthropometric rounded desk systems. In 2000 he developed the first authentic Feng Shui office system which was endorsed by many Feng Shui masters.

In the business world he is generally accepted as an experienced specialist in ergonomics, a professional creative planner of office environments and a diligent designer of office furniture.

Personally he made his own spiritual journey and learned about Feng Shui, Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, Shamanism, Buddhism and Spirituality. His aim is to show a way to facilitate creativity. Creativity is the joy of live - an authentic expression like a child's - and last not least spiritual "live" itself. To be authentic - creative - is joy and love.

He has lectured "Vital-Office Ergonomics and Feng Shui" in Germany since 2006. Many Feng Shui consultants and office dealers participated in the seminars in Germany and are linked in the Vital-Office website.

His company Vital-Office GmbH in Germany offers professional services in the field of Consulting, Architecture, Baubiologie, Feng Shui, Planning and Design through groups of self-employed partners associated with Vital-Office.

The Vital-Office company also manufactures a wide range of office furniture from exclusive executive desks to conference tables with integrated media technique to ergonomic desk systems according to Feng Shui principles.

To promote "Feng Shui" in the office world was an advantage for his business and this is a creative way to facilitate positive human development at the work place.