Robert Sachs (USA)

Effective Communication at Home and in Business using Nine-Star Feng Shui Astrology
Opening Ceremony with Robert Sachs - Friday 27th July

Robert SachsInvocation and Mantras to the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Manjusri According to Tibetan tradition, Manjusri is the enlightened source of wisdom, including all forms of geomantic science and astrology. His mantra helps us to be open to and access information that we seek to help ourselves and others.

The Invocation and Mantra to Manjusri to be offered by Robert Sachs can be used by Feng Shui practitioners to deepen their knowledge and is particularly useful when solving the problems and working with the challenges that inevitably arise when doing consultations."

Nine-Star Ki, popular known as Feng Shui astrology, offers Feng Shui professionals a unique glimpse into the lives and communication styles of their clients and loved ones. In this presentation, author and expert, Robert Sachs, will provide you with information about the communication styles of the Nine Star Ki archtypes and what dynamics arise between them in both work and home situations. He will also explain why it is that clients will block or subvert your Feng Shui recommendations.

Be prepared to present Robert with actual client birthdates - or even the birthdates of someone you'd like to have better communication with.

About Robert Sachs

Robert Sachs is an internationally known expert in Nine Star Ki astrology who has been writing, teaching, and consulting for 25 years. He is the author of Nine Star Ki: Your Astrological Companion to Feng Shui (an updated version of his The Complete Guide to Nine Star Ki.) and appears regularly on syndicated radio shows and at international Feng Shui conferences.

Robert lives in San Luis Obispo and is available for consultations during the conference.