Turning Base Metal Into Gold

SANDY HUMBY IPTIWith her understanding of the nature of the journey to our own inner gold, Sandy will share with us how we can 'read' our homes at a deeper level, become spiritual house cleaners and facilitate our own Interior Alchemy.

Creating Sanctuary Space

What is Sanctuary and how can we create that is our own lives? In a rapidly changing world we need that space to just be. Sandy will share her understanding of the value of good energetic hygiene and offer tools to help create really nourishing and supportive places to live, work and play.


SANDY HUMBY IPTI has for the past 25 years run her own successful design business, exploring the expression of her love of colour and natural textiles in many creative areas. Her own search for well-being as led her to study philosophy, meditation, nutrition and many areas of mind-body medicine. She is a KLC (London) trained Interior Decorator, a multi-disciplined energy therapist, an experienced Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi.

Sandy's business Interior Alchemy, a Holistic Living Consultancy, combines these areas of experience and understanding, facilitating personal, home and workspace transformation for her clients. She also runs workshops and seminars to inspire and empower others to create for themselves nourishing and supportive places to live, work and play through the use of natural products, energy scanning, ritual, sound, crystals and feng shui principles.