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Stephane CardinauxStephane Cardinaux - probably Europe's LEADING GEOBIOLOGIST - will be joining us with a keynote lecture at our Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry conference in BUDAPEST. Stephane is a very well known teacher of Geobiology, especially in Switzerland and France. His pioneering research and books in many ways - lead the field in Europe, if not the world. His presentation in Budapest will introduce - the following:

Explore his extremely profound work in this field -with an introduction by Dan Winter, and translation and facilitation by Valerie Sandelin . Spoken in French- translated into English
Take a look at his website:

Stephane's major web presence (French)
English intro -

Geobiologic tools in archaeological and geomantic research

Explanation of telluric phenomenon (type and effect on biofield /vitality). Telluric phenomena in ancient sacred places using a geomagnetometer, for the measurement of the magnetic anomalies, and rods, for the detection of the telluric networks makes it possible to reconstitute the complete plan of disappeared and buried buildings. The joint use of an electromagnetic instrument and human sensitivity is an effective solution. Many examples.

Measuring life force / vital energy

Living beings interact with cosmotelluric energies by emitting an etheric radiation. This vital energy, called biofield, varies constantly according to our environment. Experiment shows that the forms, the colors, the materials, the food, clothing, and even how thoughts influence this biofield. The measurement of the biochamp is a scientific method (measurable and reproducible) to test, for example, the biocompatibility of products or simply your vitality.

Demonstration with sonotest on biofield and on grid (sonotest demonstrates tuning fork audio oscillator changes amplitude significantly when passing thru membrane layers in the auric field).

Nature Spirits (Entities and Devas)

Folklore calls them phantoms and spirits of nature. In the light of spiritual science, these beings which populate the invisible have a vital role to play. How to discover them and distinguish them. How to behave with them. Emotional hygiene for contact with them.

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