Susan Haifleigh

Creating Sanctuary:
Designing environments that reflect the past & create the future

Susan HaifleighOur modern environments spring from ancient influences yet propel us into our future by either blocking our efforts or supporting our vision.

In this workshop we will look at these factors and travel the pathways that lead us to a modern way of using feng shui, architectural design and our own innate intuition to create powerful, life altering places.

Examples of "places of sanctuary", including residential, commercial, healthcare and retail will be used to demonstrate how you can apply these principals in your own work.

You will leave inspired in your work & full of new ideas to immediately apply in your own practice & life.

Experiencing Interior Alignment:
Engage with the experience of aligning your practice & your life!

Come experience the world of Interior Alignment through this introductory workshop. Interior Alignment, founded by Denise Linn, is an intensive course of study based in the mystical traditions of the East and the practical methods of the West.

This practice is among the most expansive in the field of energy work with a special emphasis on energy design principles. It combines the application of Instinctive Feng Shui with the complementary practices of Space Clearing and Healthy Environments.

Leave this workshop with a new found inner clarity about what your concealed innate talents are and how you can express them in the world.

About Susan Haifleigh

Susan Haifleigh
Environments & Energy, Inc.
B.A. Architecture, B.S. Architecture
Certified Practitioner of Feng Shui
Certified Practitioner of Space Clearing
Master Teacher of Interior Alignment
Master Educator of Interior Alignment

A trained Architect, certified Feng Shui practitioner and Master Teacher of Interior AlignmentTM, Susan consults and teaches internationally for businesses and individuals. Her approach to design combines her practical, logical training as an Architect and her intuitive training in Feng Shui. The techniques she employs combine to create a balance of Eastern and Western thinking, practice and philosophy.

She teaches both the Professional Certification Course in Interior Alignment & the Advanced Interior Alignment Course, created by Denise Linn, and is a founding member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council.

In teaching, she calls upon her decades of experience designing residential, commercial, resort and health related environments. With over 20 years in these fields, Susan has practiced & taught in Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, Great Britain and throughout the United States.