Suzee Miller


Suzee Miller In this empowerment program attendees will learn how to MAXIMIZE the physical, emotional and visual appeal of their listings while attracting buyers, offers, escrows/contracts quickly. Suzee teaches attendees, step-by-step, how to evaluate and Feng Shui listings to command top dollar and to sell in record time. They will discover fun and inexpensive remedies and enhancements that will amaze and thrill buyers and sellers alike. This presentation utilizes the art of placement to create billboard advertising and to magnetize residential and commercial clients for life!


NEVER be caught off guard when a buyer or seller asks you about Feng Shui. During this presentation, attendees will learn the basic principles of Feng Shui, what to say and not say about Feng Shui to their clients, and how to overcome problems like ... poison arrows, sloping ceilings, staircases, missing corners and properties in poor locations. Knowledge and information gained in this empowerment program will provide attendees with "a new way" of viewing property, while ensuring buyer and seller loyalty at the same time. Discover how to write contracts/escrows in record time, by capitalizing on Feng Shui principles in real estate.


In this EMPOWERMENT presentation attendees will learn how to Feng Shui their office (cubicle space), desk, phone, computer, palm pilot, business card and promotional material to support high volume sales. In addition, they will discover how to stay in balance while growing their business and honoring their "personal" compass directions for career success. Focused on working smart, not hard in real estate, Suzee shows rookies and veteran agents how to stay in balance while multiplying their sales, income and FREE time.

About Suzee Miller

Author, real estate broker and international consultant, Suzee Miller is a nationally recognized expert on Feng Shui principles and their applications in business and real estate. She is the creator of the "simple" FIVE ELEMENT BUSINESS SYSTEMthat has helped thousands of real estate and business professionals advance their careers and achieve WEALTH in record time. Suzee has authored 18 Feng Shui audio programs, and speaks at architectural, building, design and real estate conventions nationwide. She is a popular guest on radio and TV and offers the only Feng Shui CERTIFICATION for Real Estate Professionals in the world.

Ms. Miller is dedicated to educating and empowering business and real estate professionals on Feng Shui principles and their application in the design, building, development, stagging, listing, leasing, and selling of residential and commercial property. Combining 30 years experience in business and real estate, along with her expertise in Feng Shui, Ms. Miller has designed unique and dynamic sales and marketing techniques for architects, builders, designers and real estate professionals. Her presentations, Color Your Listings Sold with Feng Shui the A to Z of how to Feng Shui a listing in less than ONE hour, LOCATION... LOCATION... FENG SHUI how to identify good Feng Shui and remedy bad, and The Power of Placement . how to reduce stress & increase sales at the same time, makes her the hit speaker and the HOT topic at every convention!

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