Sylvia Diemer

Building Biology and Building Testing

Sylvia DiemerThis an important factor in professional feng shui consultations to create healthy living areas

Homes or dwellings can be seen as organisms. The term 'third skin' accurately describes the i relationship between humans and their living space. Baubiologists define building biology as the study of the holistic interrelationship between humans and their living environment.

During a long time of being professional feng shui consultant I remarked that there are more and more feng shui consultations after which people says that there are not contented with the result. Mostly the reason of this is not an incompetent feng shui consultant but the increasing stress of electrosmog, high frequency electromagnetic waves, environmental toxins, poisons, molds, bacteria and so on.

Modern buildings, mostly built with wood and without any shielding from electrical wiring are the reason of many health problems. When people are chronically tired, often sick or depressed it must not be a feng shui problem - it might due to their house environment. Hihg electric fields, electromagnetic waves, out-gassing toxins or fungi and bacteria are risk factors for this kind of health problems.

The German institute IBN (Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern) was founded in 1983. Building Biology Testing Experts (SBM) inspect homes, workplaces and properties according to the Standard of Building Biology testing Methods (SBM). The Standard offers guidelines on how to perform specific measurements and assesses possible health risks. All testing results, instruments and procedures are documented in a final written report. So problems can be identified and effective remediation strategies can be presented.

We can measure
A) Fields, Waves and Radiation
- AC electric fields (ELF)
- AC magnetic fields (ELF)
- Electromagnetic waves (RF)
- Static electric fields (DC)
- Static magnetic fields (DC)
- Terrestrial radiation
- Radioactivity
- Sound & vibrations

B) environmental toxins, poisons, indoor climate
- formaldehyde
- biocides
- heavy metals
- particles and fibres

C) fungi, bacteria, Allergens
- molds
- yeast
- bacteria
- dust mites and other allergens

So, in further times it is important for our professional feng shui consultations to have an idea of this additional factors which can heavily influence the health of our clients (families, children.)

And as a important marketing tool, we can certificate an building, house or flat after feng shui criteria and after the international accepted Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM) So we, as feng shui consultants can offer our clients a new marketing tool to sell their objects and we can guarantee that we have built a really healthy building.

One of the famous objects in this subject is the worldwide 1. after feng shui and Baubiology criteria certified business feng shui hotel "Corbin" in Freising/Munich/Germany. In this project I was one of three invited feng shui consultants.

About Sylvia Diemer

I am born in 1965, after my school-leaving examination I studied economics at the university in Mannheim / germany.

During my studies I also was interrested in alternative healing methods, kinesiology, polarity, cranio sacral therapie, hypnotherapy, NLP and more.
After many of my clients told me, that they feel better than they are away from home, I began my studies in feng shui at the Qi Mag Institute by Dr. jes Lim, more than 15 years ago.
More than 8 years ago I added Baubiology to my studies.

Personally I made my own spiritual experiences in meditation, geomancy, Taoism, Buddhism and space clearing rituals.

I have done my studies in europe, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia, Vietnam and several european countries.

1988 I founded in Germany my business "International Space Design" and my Building Biology and Testing Institute IBN in the year 2000.

I am a member in many networking organisations rountb the theme "healthy building and living" and I am linked to many feng shui consultants. So I also belong to the "Vital Office Group".

In many talks, workshops and seminars I havy many interrested students all over Germany and I present professional Feng Shui with Building Biology in many big fairs in germany.
I do private and business feng shui consultations, ergonomic office planning, garden- and landscape design and coaching's.