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The Imperial Heaven Stars (advanced Feng Shui topic)

Tony HoldsworthThe 24 mountains made up of 8 Heavenly Stems, 12 Earthly Branches and 4 Kuas (trigrams) are well known in Feng Shui. However, these Mountains also form the basis of a specialised Flying Star calculation which alters for each Fate Period and each year.

This system shows the exact nature of a building and, in particular, is used to analyse any Sha as well as recommend the way in which the immediate exterior surroundings are planned. It is well known that the exterior surroundings are more important than the interior and, thus, this system is vital for a fully professional Feng Shui consultation.

The stars are categorised under 3 main headings; The Axis of Power, The Axis of Finance and The Axis of Evil.

The system and its use during the consultation will be explained in detail so that all students using a Lo Pan and Compass School Feng Shui will be capable of applying it after my talk and seminar.

Flying Kuas (advanced Feng Shui topic)

The Flying Star systems used in both Sam Yuan and Xuan Gong styles of Feng Shui are reasonably well known by experienced Feng Shui practitioners. However, the true Flying Star system actually flies the Kuas (hexagrams) and includes the Kua of the people residing or working in a property. It provides a most detailed analysis of exactly how a property influences the lives of each individual and this system is the original source of the term "Flying Star".

Once again, the system will be described in detail although it would be helpful if students had available their own Lo Pan.

WORKSHOP with Tony Holdsworth
Monday July 30th


Flying Star calculations and systems are used in both the Sam Wuam and Xuan Gong styles of Feng Shui, but most of these are, in fact, abbreviations. The Sam Wuam system uses nine 20-year Fate Periods totaling a Grand Period of 180 years. The Xuan Gong system uses Heaven's Qi and, therefore, has only eight periods which vary in time span, but nevertheless total 180 years. This system is more accurate and using it allows a consultant to access a quicker change of energy.

However, the two main systems are the Imperial Heaven Stars - which were probably derived from the Sam He system, and the Flying Kuas (Hexagrams).

The Imperial Heaven Stars system allocates different natures of energy to each of the 24 Mountains and changes for each Fate Period and, indeed, each year. The system primarily concentrates on the energetic effect of external features influencing a building such as hills or mountains, other large buildings, open spaces and rivers. The influence of these exterior features is far more profound than just analysing the interior of a building.

During the morning session of this one-day workshop we will examine the nature of these stars relating to the 24 Mountains, which can be catagorised into three main headings; The Axis of Power, The Axis of Finance and the Axis of Evil. We will also examine Combination Sha in the Sam He system and look at an example of its powerful effect on a major political building in Taiwan (where the opposition party are certainly getting themselves into some financial difficulty). I also hope to be able to emphasise the importance of this system by explaining my consultation of the White House in Washington D.C., undertaken some years ago during the Clinton era, primarily at the behest of a Republican Senator! To the best of my knowledge I am the only Feng Shui consultant who has undertaken a detailed analysis of the White House, both exterior and interior, despite the subsequent publicity encouraging a visit from the CIA!

In the afternoon, we will examine the Flying Hexagrams. The 64 hexagrams of the Yi Jing are, of course, detailed on the Lo Pan. This the real core of the Xuan Gong system which literally means the Mystery of the Void and was the system used for the Chinese Emperors. Each hexagram is allocated a Fate Period and a Heaven Star according to it's Earth and Heaven trigrams. The Fate Period and Heaven Star are allocated 'Lo Sho numbers' and the stars are then flown around the Eight Mansions offering a far more detailed analysis of the nature of the energy within any building and, in particular, explain why different occupants are affected in different ways.

Although a suitable colour chart of a Lo Pan will be provided, it will be helpful if students can bring their own Lo Pans in order to gain deeper insight. For those that are not aware of these systems, this workshop will show them a much more detailed analysis of the energetic effects both within and without a building and set them on a path (Dao) of perpetual discovery. Hopefully, for those already aware of these systems the workshop will expand their knowledge and offer a forum for discussion and questions.

About Tony Holdsworth

Having retired from a successful career in banking, finance and insurance at the age of 43, Tony Holdsworth began his esoteric studies with the Yi Jing (I Ching) and an interest in 'Western Astrology'. In 1994, he began studying Feng Shui, but soon found that the teachers available in the UK were just students themselves, and that knowledge of the true underlying theory and practice was just not available. He decided to found the School of Feng Shui and source the very best tutors.

Tony planned an initial one-year course with Derek Walters, the well-known western author on Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, and invited other guest lecturers to teach associated subjects. However, before the school opened in 1997, a 'fateful' series of coincidences resulted in Tony meeting Master Chan Kun Wah.

Tony worked with Master Chan, assisting him with consultations, and soon realised that Master Chan's knowledge was far greater than anyone in the West had experienced up to that time. Eventually, Tony persuaded Master Chan to teach at the School and so was born the three-year course which the School has offered since 1997.

Tony assisted Master Chan on hundreds of consultations until commencing practising in his own rite in January 2000, with Master Chan's full encouragement and support. Indeed, Tony Holdsworth is probably the most experienced Western Consultant and, apart from the UK, where Tony resides with his family near Stratford- upon-Avon, he has undertaken consultations in both North and South America and most European countries, and even in Hong Kong. Tony has ceased his role as Principal of the School of Feng Shui in order to concentrate on expanding his practice, as well as teaching in Europe and undertaking speaking engagements at conferences and seminars.