Victoria Phillips

Look Good Feel Great - Nurturing the Feminine

Victoria PhillipsLooking and feeling younger relies on our attitude and the energy and enthusiasm we release. Creating harmony in a chaotic world is challenging for us all. Our self awareness needs to be on many levels from food and lifestyle choices to knowing how to create a great personal image.

From our inner attitudes to our outer appearance this seminar takes you on an informative and fun journey down the road of dressing, suggesting styles and designs that will flatter your particular body shape and learning the colors that truly compliment you.

Join Victoria for an insightful and inspiring lecture and have greater confidence in expressing your femininity by knowing you look fabulous!

About Victoria Phillips

Victoria Phillips lives in Australia and is a trained Colour and Image Consultant. She has worked in and around Feng Shui for the last 15 years co-sponsoring Feng Shui study tours to Tibet, India and China. She has also been involved with many International Feng Shui Conferences and has a background in Natural Healing, Macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine amd most recently Color and Design.