Over the past 25 years, author and teacher Jain (he only needs one name), from Australia, has achieved Mastery in disciplines of Ancient Knowledge that have been held secret, or hidden for thousands of years. His presentation is lively whimsical and filled with entertaining fun and magic. His work has produced 8 amazing books, beautifully handwritten in calligraphy with spectacular examples of Atomic Art. A humble, spiritual and fascinating presenter.

Jain first began teaching mathematics visually 20 years ago when working with dyslexic children, developing the concept of "Remedial mathematics." Not everyone learns their numbers by left-brain, rote learning, but better through visual, right-brain, the universal language of pictures and symbols.

He has since authored 8 mandala, colouring-in books on Magic Squares that converts Mathematics into Atomic Art, surprising many nuclear scientists with his crystalline creations. His authorized traveling school show: "Mathemagics," is the only one of its kind and helps restore and enhance the inherent beauty in mathematics, by teaching it via theatre, with magicians and Alice-in-Wonderland type characters that appear as walking Books of Life, etc.  

Jain loves to present his huge body of work and inspires people through his workshops and presentations. He also continues his research into Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, Platonic Solids, Fibonacci Sequences and their relationship with various atomic structures.

In 1995 Jain taught Magic Square Art-forms to a conference of 100 math teachers at the Southern Cross University in Australia. He has been guest speaker at school Math Camps, many Public Schools, Catholic Schools, Rudolf Steiner and Montessori Schools who have employed him to rekindle the beauty of mathematics. He has also presented at the International Feng Shui and Sacred geometry in California 2004.