About Ani Williams, your guide

Ani's enchanting musical style has its roots in ancient sacred music traditions. Since 1985 Williams has been traveling and performing around the world, gathering inspiration from the Egyptian, Gnostic, Celtic, Meso-American, and Tibetan cultures. She weaves a beauty and poignant meaning into her music that has inspired audiences around the world.

AniAni the Singer

"Ani's voice caresses the soul with dream-like beauty and the layered harmonies and healing sounds work their magic." - NAPRA Review

With a voice that ranges from angelic to earthy shamanic, Ani has dedicated her life to singing for the beauty of the Earth. Singing and chanting in many languages, her vocal harmonies lead the listener into the temple of the heart.

Composer and author

AniWilliams' musical style weaves unusual eastern musical scales with a strong emphasis in harmony and melodic beauty. Lyrics are often based on ancient wisdom teachings, including the Persian mystic poetry. With chants in Aramaic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Tibetan and Meso-American languages her music brings fresh inspiration to these ancient traditions.

Ani is a contributing writer for Four Corners Magazine, Spirit of Maat web magazine, The Temple Booklets published in England, and the book Earth Walking Skydancers. She is currently writing a book on Mary Magdalene and is co-producing a series of documentary films on the Grail Mysteries. Many of her articles on sound and the sacred feminine are available on this site.

AniPilgrimage Guide

Ani has been guiding pilgrims to sacred sites in Britain, France and Egypt since 1987. She brings a wealth of knowledge of the Gnostic texts and ancient wisdom schools and with the use of music and chant at the ancient sites she provides a deeply transforming experience for every participant.

"What a wonderful time that I had. You put so much planning and care into the pilgrimage and it really showed. I will never forget it." - - Gail Southwell, retired business executive.

"Ani, I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. You were an excellent pilgrimage leader, everything went so smoothly, and I had experiences of places, people, and the spiritual that have left lasting impressions on my life." - - Jill Dubish, Anthropology Professor at NAU.