Mark Hanf

Mark Hanf is a teacher and professional artist who lives and works near Asheville, NC. His work tells a visual story and attempts to illuminate interconnectedness through the organic and geometric patterns inherent in nature. Mark attended the NC Governor’s School of Mathematics where he studied fractal and non-Euclidian geometry. He received his degree in visual arts from Davidson College where he explored two and three-dimensional forms through acrylic painting, glass and wood.

Mark has studied astronomy, chemistry, ancient geometry, architecture and physics, and integrated these topics into his art. He has taught math, science, and art in the classroom and has been creating a body of original work in the field of fractal geometry. Mark is co-founder and program director for Earth Voyage, an educational project of The Buckminster Fuller Institute that integrates environmental science and synergetic geometry on a gymnasium-sized Dymaxion world map to inspire sustainability through awareness of interconnection.