Marlyna Los

Director of the East West Academy of Feng Shui
Master Feng Shui Consultant 

Marlyna Los is trained in the classical methods of Feng Shui. Her early studies started with the modern and western methods of Feng Shui. These methods do not use a compass or calculations and are largely based on intuition. Her studies continued to the more complex and abstract methods of Classical Feng Shui. She learned that astrology and a compass is integral to a consultation. She learned that much of a Feng Shui consultation is bases on calculation and understanding the effect of time on people and space. A passion for Classical Feng Shui, the I Ching and Four Pillars astrology developed as a result.

She was originally certified in the late 90’s through the European and NYC school of Feng Shui run by Roger Green. She has continued her studies with several masters of Feng Shui which include Joseph Yu, Peter Leung, Joey Yap and Raymond Lo. Her primary teacher and mentor has been Prof. Lily Chung. Lily is the author of 5 books and is a world expert on Four Pillars astrology and the I Ching.

Marlyna is the founder of the East West Academy of Feng Shui, she teaches beginner to advanced classes on Feng Shui, Flying Star and Chinese Four Pillars astrology. Marlyna has studied design and design principles and brings culturally aesthetic Feng Shui solutions to your needs.

Marlyna incorporates her business background and uses where applicable her knowledge of sustainability and health to bring Valuable Solutions to her residential and business clients. She travels extensively teaching and consulting Feng Shui and Four Pillars astrology. Marlyna’s passion for Feng Shui has taken her to study to China, Europe, Australia and the United States. Her home base is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You can contact her at: Marlyna@balancing-essentials.com - www.balancing-essentials.com