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Module 2 Practical Cooking with the Longevity Diet

Heal Yourself and Others with the Longevity Diet

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Ben Franklin

In Module 1 you got introduced to the Longevity Diet ingredients, and now Melanie Ferreira will show you how to combine them to prepare healing dishes. She puts the theory into practice.

Melanie is a top natural gourmet chef with over 35 years of experience. She incorporates the Chinese Medicine theory, Weston Price Foundation Principles and western nutritional theory into her teaching. You will be inspired with first hand practical knowledge to apply these principles in your daily cooking and lifestyle.

In this class you will learn about what real food is and how to nourish yourself. It is getting increasingly challenging to tell what is in our food and where it is coming from. Melanie will show you how to select the best quality ingredients and will give you tips on where to find them.
In this first cooking class you will learn about:

This class will inspire you to deeper explore the healing properties of various foods and encourage you to seek out the best possible quality of foods for your self and your family.

This Module is accompanied by Workbook 2, which has a collection of recipes for all 3 cooking classes with Melanie Ferreira and a handout for the cooking class with Nam Singh (Modules 2, 4, 6, and 8).


“I come from a natural foods background, but I can honestly say that I learned more about the ancient, common sense, healing properties of food in one weekend than I did in a year of culinary training. I can't wait for our next session!” - NYC Graduate

Home study Kitchen Practicums

For your personal study at home, we provide 7 Kitchen Practicums written by Roger Green, which includes nutritional information and lots of great recipes to try- based on over 25 years of running our longevity diet cooking school.

Here is a sample of some of the information:

Kitchen Practicum 1

General Longevity Diet Guidelines, Getting Started: Transitioning to the Longevity Diet, Lifestyle Guidelines, Nutritional Information: Grains Part 1, A Brief History of Grain, Grain Composition, Cooking Grains, Wheat, Medicinal Use, Quinoa, Preparing Quinoa, Home Study and Review, Menus and Recipes, Breakfast, Transitional Breakfast, Lunch Option 1, Lunch Option 2

The longevity diet draws from many traditional eating practices. Some of the ingredients may be new to cooks because many of the foods people used to eat, before processed foods became the norm, are absent from our daily diet.

With practice and experience, simple home-cooked food can be used very effectively to treat many physical complaints, with no side effects and very little cost. In the same way, a diet low in simple sugars and processed foods all but negates the need for regular visits to the dentist.

Kitchen Practicum 2

Before You Begin, Get Organized, Cooking Implements, Basic Stocking Supplies, Menu Planning Considerations, Long Term Preparation, Time Management, Preparation, Planning, Good Habits, What Do You Have in the Kitchen? Season and Temperature, Lifestyle, Your Present State, Prepare Yourself, Nutritional Information: Beans, History of Beans, Beans as a Protein, Gas and Beans, Preparing and Cooking Beans, Soaking, Cooking, Bean Varieties and Cooking Times, Home Study and Review, Menu and Recipes, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Condiments      

Kitchen Practicum 3

Food Storage, Yin and Yang in the Kitchen, An Overview of Cookware Materials, The Ecological Kitchen, A Word About Cutting, Nutritional Information: Grains, Part 2, Nutritional Information: Sugar, Types of Sugar, Menus and Recipes, Breakfast Lunch 1, Lunch 2, Dinner 1, Dinner 2, Additional Recipes     

Kitchen Practicum 4

Longevity Diet Ingredients, Soy Products, Tempeh, Shoyu, Tamari, tofu, About Noodles, Pickles, Kudzu, Harvest and Manufacturing Process, Healing Properties, Longevity Diet Ingredients, Nutritional Information: Sea Vegetables, Classification, Description, Nutritional Value, Menu and Recipes Kudzu Recipes, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner       

Kitchen Practicum 5

Home Remedies, Treatment With Home Remedies, Acute Conditions, Chronic Conditions, Acute Conditions: A Closer Look, Using Home Remedies, Home Remedies, Treatment With Home Remedies, Acute Conditions, Chronic Conditions, Acute Conditions: A Closer Look, Using Home Remedies, Home Remedy Treatment Types, Water, Bath Therapy, Bath Recipes, Compresses, Cold Compresses, Hot Compresses, Compress Recipes, Plaster and Poultice, Plaster and Poultice Recipes, Points to Remember when using Compresses and Plasters, Mud and Clay Packs, Hot Treatments, Hot Treatment Recipes     
For thousands of years home remedies have been used in all corners of the world to alleviate chronic and acute illnesses. The benefits of home remedies include:

"Let your foods be your medicines and your medicines be your foods."  
–Hippocrates, a Greek physician considered to be one of the forefathers of medicine

Kitchen Practicums 6

Eating Tips for Travelers, Condiments, Nutritional Information: Shiitake—The Humble Mushroom, Nutritional Information: Ginger, Home Study, Menus and Recipes, Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 3

Kitchen Practicum 7

Fresh Vegetables: An Overview, Rhizome Vegetables, Tuber Vegetables, Bulb Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bud Vegetables, Flower Vegetables, Stem Vegetables, Leaf and Leafstalk, Nutritional Information:  Nightshade, Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Watercress, Garlic, Fish, Fowl and Eggs, and Fish. Menu and recipes

Study guide review

A Summary of Remedial Dietary Principles, Things to Meditate On, A Summary of Preventive Diet Principles, Review of Important Principles, Vital Organ Networks, Eight Principles Patterns, Commonly Used Terms in Chinese Medicine, Test Your Knowledge: Practical Applications, Soba Noodles with Pesto, Pumpkin Pie, Beef Stew, Breakfast, Raspberry Crumble, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Custard, Warm Raspberry and Apple Cider, Apple Kudzu, Sweet Potato Pie, Short Grain Brown Rice with Chestnuts, Pumpkin & Leek Soup, Chickpea Casserole, Black Bean Stew, Parsnips and Carrots, Sweet Potato Mochi Soup, Leeks and Corn Polenta Pie, Aduki Bean, Brownies, Sautéed Daikon with Spring Onion and Carrot, Aduki Bean Congee, Mixed Pepper Salad, Sushi with Wasabi, Miso Soup, Rice with Lotus Seeds and Pork, Kidney Beans and Sweet Potato Casserole, Treasure Rice Pudding, Barley and Pumpkin Soup, Sweet Potatoes and Carrot Soup, Tempeh with Cabbage and Arame, Black Bean Stew, Adzuki Beans with Pumpkin, Poached Apples and Raisin Sauce Miso Soup with Millet, Kasha Rice, Raspberry and Walnut Sauce, Gomashio, Mu-Apple Cider, Asparagus and Celery Soup, Carrot Salad, Green and Beet Salad, Natto Tempeh Dish, Plum Kanten, Stir Fry Bitter Melon, Nori Egg Drop Soup, Pickled Celery in Brown Rice Vinegar, Chicken Liver Pate         , Additional Exercises and Review Questions