Feng Shui Practitioners Certificate Training

Module 1: Getting Started with Feng Shui

Getting Started with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is often called "The Key to Good Fortune". The Feng Shui journey is a deep, poetical view of life's underlying influences. It is a language of Universal cosmology and change. We will explore what this means on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and universal.

  • You will learn the how and why of "Energy Design" techniques that have been associated with Feng Shui masters for thousands of years.
  • You will learn how to combine the intuitive thinking processes of Feng Shui and analytical techniques, a blend of east and west, of right and left hemispheres of awareness.

This module will present the definitions and principles of Feng Shui. You will learn why Feng Shui works and how it can enhance your life so you can achieve results in your living and business environments. Most modern designs lack the concept of Energy flow- and energy awareness. You have most likely heard of the concept "sick building syndrome". Some houses just don't feel right. Some businesses do badly for no apparent reason. Find out what the major contributing factors to these situations are.

In the East, no major decision for business design or location is made until it is thoroughly investigated by a Feng Shui expert. William S. Doyle, Vice President of a New York advertising agency describes why he uses Feng Shui in his 16,000 square feet of offices.

"People need to understand its 3,000 years of common sense, codified and turned into principles which can be repeated with foreseeable results. This is an art form; there is a reason why it is done. It is practical and pragmatic."

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MODULE 1: Form School Workbook by Roger Green

Contents : 130 pages printed full color workbook

dragonWhat is feng shui?
Feng shui definitions by various author
Feng shui and eastern philosophy
A Comparison of Eastern and Western Belief
East/West Comparison: Diet Principles
East/West Comparison: Health
East/West Comparison: The Wholistic Approach and Orthodox
Medical Thought
introduction to yin and yang
Basic Premises of Yin and Yang Yin And Yang Classifications
Yin and Yang Directions
Yin and Yang Color
Yin and Yang Lifestyle Conditions Yin and Yang Organs
Yin and Yang Food
Yin and Yang Diets
introduction to qi
Qi and feng shui
The San Cai
Luck and the Qi of Life
Introduction to the five elements
The five transformations
Feng shui history
Tthe three great emperors
a timeline of feng shui development
Influences on feng shui development
Feng shui schools
Integration of Feng Shui Schools
The principles of feng shui
Feng shui siting
The Dragon Current
The Tiger Current
Dragon and Tiger in Relation Ancient Chinese Feng Shui Charts
Form School Feng Shui

Form school approach to an ideal feng shui home
Doctrine of signatures: shapes
Feng shui for home: a room by room
Ming Tang: The Main Door and Entrance
The Modern Entranceway
Heart Of The Home
Family Room
Bathrooms and Laundry
Study and Home Office
Meditation or Shrine Room
General Features Windows


Feng shui for business
Business Siting
Business Exterior
Entrance: Qi Mouth and Ming Tang
Qi Mouth and Type of Business
Ming Tang Business Interior
Retail Premises Offices
Using feng shui to attract more business


Dressing For Success

The Six Evils

The Greatest Asset: Good Employees
Staff Selection
Cures and enhancers


Wind Cures










Directional Luck Symbols
Feng shui measurements
The Classical Measurement System
The Modern Measurement System
Feng shui numbers
Feng shui plants
Magic talismans
Magic Squares
Other Talismans
Incense oils & aromatherapy
Recommended Reading
Module 1 review
Module 1 answers
Additional exercises
Earth Metal Water Wood Fire
Extra course material on Food Energetics and Natural Healing is included in module 1 workbook

Also 5 pdfs are emailed to you on each of the 5 elements with over 200 pages

“the information you shared with us was truly amazing. And the manner in which you inspire understanding is remarkable! I cannot believe how much I got out of just four days. I learned more in Module One than the sum of everything I have learned about Feng Shui so far in my life . Everything came together and somehow you were able to impart a true wholeness to this often segmented and confusing Art” - Jan