Feng Shui Practitioners Certificate Training

Module 2: Ba Gua to Flying Star Techniques

Ba Gua to Flying Star techniques with Roger Green

The universe and all it contains is essentially energy in a continual state of transformation. The ancient Taoist sages of the East observed powerful insights into the inner working of the universe, and devised methods to trace the everlasting process of change- the rhythm of the order of the universe.

In Module 2 we continue our journey with an introduction to Compass School Feng Shui (the second of the original 2 schools of Feng Shui). Using the Western Lopan developed by Roger Green, as a reference tool, you will be led through an exploration of all that is possible when the 8 compass directions are combined with the dynamics of yin/yang and the 5 elements theory.

With the introduction of the eight directions we follow the evolution of the "Later Heaven Trigrams" to construct the "Bagua", an octagonal mandala with infinite uses in Feng Shui. We examine the Lo Shu, or the magic square of Feng Shui, as it leads to the Ming Gua and Ba Zhai methods, the core of "Eight Houses" Feng Shui.

Extensive workbooks by Roger Green are issued to students of this program. These workbooks cannot be acquired anywhere else. The result is an integrative, comprehensive, stimulating and innovative training program, considered by many to be the finest in the world. The Feng Shui Seminars curriculum has been consistently updated and improved over the years to reflect the most relevant subject matter and has set many trends in Feng Shui education.

This program reaches through the centuries to successfully integrate the thousands of years old origins of this art and science with the requirements and actuality of contemporary life. The training program offers many advanced techniques, and emphasizes the classical schools of Feng Shui.

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Module 2 Bagua, Ming Gua & Bazhai Methods of Classical Feng Shui Workbook by Roger Green

Contents 104 pages

 The Bagua

Introduction to the Bagua
The Turtle and the Lo Shu
The Lo Shu
The Trigrams And The Bagua
The Early Heaven Sequence
The Nature Of The Trigrams
Heaven (Ch’ien or Qian): The Creative
Earth (Kun): The Receptive
Lake (Tui): The Joyous
Mountain (Ken): Keeping Still
Fire (Li): The Clinging
Water (Kan): The Abysmal
Wind (Sun): The Gentle
Thunder (Chen):
The Arousing Center (Tai Chi):
Hexagrams and the I Ching

The Ming Gua

Introduction to the Ming Gua
Elements of a Ming Gua
Calculating Gua Numbers
Ming Gua Numbers,
Magic Squares, And The Five Elements
East And West Life Groups
Life Group Enhancements And Cures
Lo Shu Portents of the Ming Gua
Origin of Auspicious and Inauspicious Portents
The Eight Lo Shu Portents
Auspicious Directions
Inauspicious Directions

Portent Directions and Ming Gua Numbers
A Closer Look At Portents: The Changing Lines
Enhancements And Cures For Lo Shu Sectors
Auspicious Portents
Inauspicious Portents
Five Element Cures And Enhancements
Advanced Applications
Room Arrangement
Deciding Who Gets The Auspicious Sectors
Odd-Shaped Houses
Relationships And Your Gua Number

The Bazhai

Introduction to the Bazhai
House Directions
Determining Sitting/Facing Directions
Taking A Compass Reading To Find Building Direction
Finding The Gua Of A House
Auspicious And Inauspicious Sectors – The Easy Way
Lo Shu Portents of the Bazhai
Bazhai Portents of the House
Drawing the Bahzai on the House
Using the Li Jui
Applying the Bazhai
The House And Its Resident
Auspicious Sections:
Enhancing The Good
Minimizing The Bad
Bazhai – Inside And Out
Na Jia – Exterior Portent Location
Applying the Exterior Portents 9 Star Ki
9 Star Ki Qualities
Chi Of Year And Month
Year Calculation Method 1:
Year Calculation Method 2:
Monthly Ki Formula
Inauspicious Travel Directions

Module 2 Review

Ming Gua And Bazhai Questions
Nine Star Ki Questions

I Ching Questions

Module 2 Ba zhai Ba Gua and ming gua – Answers Additional Exercises
104 pages this first section on Ba Gua Ming Gua and Ba Zhai

“Roger Green opens a life's journey into feng shui. He teaches with rampant enthusiasm & his intuitive knowledge appears to have no boundaries. The course is soul inspiring. An absolute gem! I would do it again.” - Ian

“Roger is a powerhouse of wisdom! His teachings style is down-to-earth and easy to understand, as well as knowledgeable and entertaining. It’s a great balance for learning from him whether you’re a beginner or advanced student.”
~Caroline Patrick, USA

“Roger Green brings a wealth of both deep and wide knowledge, presented in a very non-dogmatic, non-judgmental way. He requires that the students learn to operate/learn from their own innate intelligence.”
~Keatin Holly

“Roger Green is a brilliant, inspiring teacher who has unique ability to deliver a profound Eastern philosophy to a western audience in a clear and understandable, useable format. I have experienced many teachers in this area; Roger is one of the best.”
~TeRumi Leinow, CA

Module 2: Flying Star Techniques & The Lopan Compass Workbook by Roger Green

Contents 104 pages

elementsFlying Star Introduction
The Birth Of A Building
The Space Factor
Determining Sitting And Facing Directions
The 24 Mountains
The 10 Heavenly Stems

The 12 Earthly Branches

The Bagua and the 24 Mountains
Forming the 24 Mountains
Creating a Building’s Natal Flying Star Chart
Lo Shu Charts For Each Age
Elements of the Natal Flying Star Chart
The Way The Stars Fly

Portents Of Each Age

Portent Of Each Star In The Current Age

Energy Of A Building In Each Age – Earth Based Cycles
Mountain and Water Stars
Mountain Stars- Chor Sin
Water Stars - Siang Sin
Properties Of The Stars
Auspicious And Inauspicious Star Combinations
Inauspicious Combinations

Mountain And Water Star Combinations
Water Star And age Number Combinations
Unconditional Combinations
Auspicious Unconditional Combinations
Inauspicious Unconditional Combinations
Conditional Combinations
Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere

Birth Or Strong Phase Portents
Hostile Phase Portents
Portents Of All Combinations
1 Combinations
2 Combinations
3 Combinations 4 Combinations 5 Combinations 6 Combinations 7 Combinations 8 Combinations 9 Combinations
Analysis Of The Natal Flying Star Chart
The Basic Steps
Flying Star Cures And Enhancements
Curing Inauspicious Stars

Curing Inauspicious Combinations
Earth Cures: Numbers 2 & 5
Metal Cures: Numbers 6 & 7

Wood Cures: Numbers: 3 & 4

Fire Cures: Number: 9

Enhancing Auspicious Combinations
Facing Palace
Facing Age Chart Numbers
Facing Water Star
Facing Mountain Star
Stars Around The House
Flying Stars Over Time

How to Create Year Charts
How to Create Month Charts
Analysis of Year and Month Charts
Year and Month Star Combinations
Combinations with Natal Chart Stars
Determining if Wealth Will Stay
Castle Ten Gate
Three Combinations School
Lopan Compass Introduction
Taking A General Compass Reading
Setting Up The Western Lo Pan
The Western Lo Pan Rings In Brief
A Closer Look At The Lo Pan Compass
The Early Heaven Sequence

Site Assessment Using The Early Heaven Sequence
Later Heaven Sequence

Site Assessment using the Later Heaven Sequence
Trigram Names And Ming Gua Portents
The 24 Mountain Ring
Bazhai House Portents
The 28 Lunar Mansions Hexagram Rings
Water Dragon Feng Shui
The Water Dragon Classic

Rules of Stream Flow
Water Dragons

Auspicious and Inauspicious Water Formations
Water Dragon Formulas
Sharp Bends and Branches

Wang Chu
Xiao Shui

Direction Element and Animal Element
Conflict Water Going Away
Water Coming In
page 103

Extra templates provided:
8 Ba Zhai colored charts
24 Mountain lopan template
Northern and Southern Hemisphere templates