Feng Shui Practitioners Certificate Training

Module 3: The 4 Pillars Astrology

The 4 Pillars Astrology with Roger Green

This sophisticated form of astrology is an important Feng Shui tool for advising a client. Interpretation, once mastered, can be applied to auspicious timing, relationship compatibility, lucky colors, personalized feng shui design recommendations and many other aspects. It is an amazing and deep study of cosmological influences, and a rare form of astrology not widely known in the west. Only a handful of westerns have been able to master this art.

Discover the richness of eastern philosophy and learn how to apply its principles to health, design, prosperity and spiritual transformation. The 4 Pillars Astrology is based on Taoist Metaphysics and Cosmology, and is used extensively by Feng Shui experts in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Time changes everything. Therefore, time cycle Feng Shui is a must in the study and application of Feng Shui. Discover the energetics and elements that make up your potentials. Uncover many aspects of destiny, constitutional dynamics, and beneficial elements. Learn the 60 Jia combinations of Time Cycles Men Qi. This course will cover advanced methods and many case histories. You will learn how to make your own chart, interpret it and do the same for others.

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Contents 76 pages

About These Notes
About This Course

Earthly Branches

 The Order of the Earthly Branches
Allocating Yin, Yang & Corresponding Factors to Earthly Branches
The Elements Associated with the Earthly Branch
Cycle NORTHERN Hemisphere
The Elements Associated with the Earthly Branch
Cycle SOUTHERN Hemisphere
Earthly Branch Relationships
Auspicious Relationships
Sympathetic Relationships
Antagonistic Relationships
Unsympathetic Relationships
Constructing A Four Pillars Chart: NORTHERN HEMISPHERE
Table 1: Heavenly Stem/Earthly Branch Combos
Table 2: Month Binomial for NORTHERN Hemisphere
Binomial for February of the Chinese Calendar Adjusted Year
Additions for Months
Table 3: Year Numbers for Calculating Day Binomial
Table 4: Day Binomials for NORTHERN Hemisphere
Table 5: Hour Look-up
Table 6: Hidden Heavenly Stems (Zhi Zang Ren Yuan)
Table 7: 12 Stage Growth Cycle
Constructing A Four Pillars Chart: SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE
Table 1S: Heavenly Stem/Earthly Branch Combos
Table 2S: Month Binomial for SOUTHERN Hemisphere Binomial for August of the Chinese Calendar Adjusted Year Additions for Months
Table 3: Year Numbers for Calculating Day Binomial
Table 4S: Day Binomials - Southern Hemisphere
Table 5: Hour Look-up
Table 6: Hidden Heavenly Stems (Zhi Zang Ren Yuan)
Table 7: 12 Stage Growth Cycle
Determining Element Strength in a Four Pillars Chart
Season of Birth Element Strength and Seasons
Finding the Self Element and Its Associates
Self Elements
Generated Elements
Destroyer Elements
Destroyed Elements
A Final Check Table of Self Elements in Relation to Other Elements
compassSUMMARY: Calculating Strength of a 4 Pillars Chart
The Three Components of Strength
Steps to Calculate Element Strength
Character and the 4 Pillars Chart
Self and Others
Resources and Creativity
Intelligence and Aspirations Status
Wealth and Rewards

Family Relationships
House Method
The Fruit
The Blossom
The Sprout
The Root
Wealth Family
Strength and Support
Relationships between Family Members
Helpful Elements in Balancing Family Relationships
Star Method
Luck Pillar Calculations
1. Determine Yin or Yang Sequence
2. Find the Binomial of the First Luck Pillar
3. Write out the Luck Pillars

4. Find Start Age of First Luck Pillar

5. Write Ages above Luck Pillars
Advanced Interpretation
Earthly Branch Combinations
Earthly Branch
Trines All of a Season Combinations
Greenwich Mean Time
Websites for Time Conversion and Longitude
Astrological Resources
Cures and Enhancements
Sample 4 Pillar Astrology Reports
Case History 1
Case History 2
Table Of Start Of Month Day And Time (Chinese Solar Calendar)
Solar Calendar - GMT Latitudes & Longitude Equivalents of
Common Places

“With the logic of a master mathematician and the inspiration of a spiritual teacher, Roger takes you on a thrilling ride from this humble earth into the cosmological forces and patterns governing our lives. His workshops provide not only tools for living in the here and now but also an understanding of the place of humanity in the universe. The end result is a healing of the rift existing in our culture between the material and the metaphysical.”

“Roger Green has a manner and a style that makes learning the 4 Pillars fun and easy. I feel like I’ve gone from having a general knowledge of the subject to journey level status in just 4 days!
~Rob Sutton

Four Pillars Tao Astrology with Roger Green

waterfallThis Feng Shui Horoscope is a very important method for any one studying the Taoist arts, Feng Shui and systems of metaphysics. It is a fascinating and deep study of cosmological forces.

Used extensively by Feng Shui experts in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the 4 pillars is the ancient system of constructing a horoscope based on the hour, day, month and year of birth. It is used for destiny and character readings as well as fine-tuning Feng Shui advice. The 4 pillars are analizied by the strength and weakness of the five elements - fire, earth, water, wood and metal and the signs of the oriental zodiac, referred to as The 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches.

Roger Green has been a pioneer of this form of Taoist Astrology in the west, having introduced these methods for the first time to hundreds of students in Europe, UK, USA and Australia spanning over more than10 years. He created the first effective protocols to get the chart 100% correct- including introducing the concepts of local time and adaptions for the southern hemisphere, which have never been achieved before in history.

  • Learn about the Taoist concepts of time and space- how did we materialize into this form, body and consciousness.
  • Discover your deep energetics- the elements and potentials that make up your matrix.
  • Determine character, education, intelligence, talent, relationship dynamics, wealth generators, children, parents, status, health factors and auspicious timing