Feng Shui Practitioners Certificate Training

Module 4: Site visits, revision exam and student projects

Practical Feng Shui Projects and Site Consults with Roger Green

Simple Steps to Harmony with the Lessons of Wind and Water

Those who get the most from life are the people who get the most from themselves. To help achieve this potential, Feng Shui allows us to create an environment that flows naturally, releasing any blockages. Feng Shui is about harnessing 'chi', the life-force which ripples water, creates mountains and propels us along our path.

Discover how the Form school of Feng Shui can help you recognize the landscapes and buildings which provide support for the residents of homes and office buildings. Find out how to balance negative forces that can deplete prosperity, health and well being. Combine form school principles with classical compass methods and apply them in a practical setting for the benefit of your clients, and yourself.

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