Feng Shui Practitioners Certificate Training

Module 5: Advanced Feng Shui

Advanced Feng Shui and Eco Design with Roger Green

In this Module, students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply everything they have learned so far in a holistic way. They will also have the opportunity to challenge themselves, know what they have mastered and become aware of the areas that require further review. The focus of this module is to build confidence in our student practitioners and to assure that they are well trained before going out on their own.

The first 3 days of this module are dedicated to practical site visits to different locations. Students will have the opportunity to experience the components of actual consultations in a variety of settings; all under Roger Green's expert supervision. The final day is dedicated to the review of the year's work to date. There is a take- home exam that will be reviewed on day 4. Students will also have the opportunity to present their Project to the class. Completing the exam and the project are a requirement for certification.

Our goal is to achieve 100% success rate. Students who are not quite up to speed will be encouraged and given support in their weaker areas so that they may meet the standard of the school.

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This course will cover advanced methods and case histories. It also includes how to contruct your I Ching astrology Hexagram based on your four pillars

classContents 57 pages
About These Notes
The Four Pillars: A Review
A Note on the Chinese Calendar
Luck Cycles
Cures and Enhancements
The Ten Gods
Friends/Colleagues: Self Element
Intelligence and Expression: Generated Element
Wealth: Destroyed Element
Power and Status: Destroyer Element
Resources and Support: Generator Element
Sample Ten Gods Charts
Empty Void Branches
Physical Features and the 4 Pillars
Supporting Health with the 4 Pillars
Body Element
Life Support (Vital) and Helpful Elements
Determining Careers Based on the 4 Pillars
Method 1
Method 2
Method 3
Method 4
Finding the Ideal Direction
Using the Year Branch
Using Direction to Balance the Four Pillars
Symbolic Stars
Nobleman Stars (Heaven Noble)
Noble God Stars
Romance, Horse, Arts and Political Stars
Prosperity, Sword, and Golden Carriage Stars
Peach Blossom Star
Thief Star
Difficult Marriage Star
Robbing Devil and Death God Stars
Academic Stars (Knowledge God)
Solitary and Lonely Stars
San Cai God
Punishment Symbols
Triple Punishment Symbols
Double Punishment Symbols
Self-Punishment Symbol
Ease of Life Stages
Elements of the Binomials
Understanding Element Relationships
The Nature of Names
How to Use Elemental Attributes of Sound
Element Harmony
Yin/Yang Harmony
Company or Business Names
Children’s Names
Advanced 4 Pillars Check List
Element Combinations
Heavenly Stem Combinations
Self Element Combinations
Earthly Branch Combinations
Jealous Combination
Earthly Branch Trines
All of a Season Combinations
Earthly Branch Clashes
Sample 4 Pillar Astrology Reports
certificateCase History 1
Four Pillar Chart, Element Overview, and Luck Pillars
Auspicious Days
Your Family’s Ten Gods
Ten Gods Overview
Case History 2
Chinese Astrology Overview
Your Horoscope
Your Luck from Your Elements
Luck Pillars
Your Partner
Your Relationship with your Partner
Case History 3
Chart Strength
Helpful Elements
Harmful Elements
Animal Readings - Rabbit and its Ascendant Tiger
Family Relationships by Houses
Family Relationships by Stars (for a male)
Stars of Romance
8 Luck Pillars
4 pillars client template provided

I Ching Astrology For The Northern Hemisphere
Method: Steps to Perform Calculations
Optional Extra Steps
Calculate the Hexagram for a Particular Year
Auspicious Hexagrams
Unfavourable Trigrams
Assistance From Others

There is something i`ve read and i wanted to share it with you. "What does it mean, to be a real teacher?" It is someone that is able to see the student as a precious stone that needs to be polished with a lot of ability...and after polished it will "shine".(Mitch Albom) I've been studying a lot the tapes we recorded from your Seminars(98/99/2000).A nd I came to the conclusion that you're not only a good teacher but you are a poet and philosopher!!!- Vilmalea


4 Pillars of Destiny - Introduction
Heavenly Stem – Earthly Branch Combinations
Calculating the Month Binomial
Not Knowing the Hour of Your Birth
Day Calculation
Calculating the Hour
Luck Analysis for a Strong Chart
Elemental Assessment for Strong Chart
The Twelve Life Cycles
Natural Medicine
Lucky Elements, Qualities, Relationships
Example: Hour of Birth Not Known
Helpful Elements
Example: Totally Weak Chart
Example: Very Weak Chart
Example: Weak Chart
Example: Dominate Chart, Dominate/Noble Chart
Balanced Chart
Comparing Charts
Luck Pillars
Yang / Yin Sequence
When Luck Pillars Begin
How To Determine The Length Of The Month
Example: Yin Sequence
Helpful Elements Chart
Animal Signs
Earthly Branch Combinations
Dynamics of Southern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere Calculation
Misc. On Animal Signs
Strength of Elements
More Combinations
Chart of Angel Gods
Relationship to Grandparents, Parents, Spouse, Children
Effects – on Spouse
Comparing One Chart to Another
True Solar Time
Occurrence of “The 10 Gods”
“The 10 Gods” Checks

“Roger does an extraordinary job of demystifying a complicated subject. I love his brilliance, his approach, and respect for the principles behind the 4 Pillars Astrology and his ability to teach. He’s a scholar, healer, and teacher—a unique combination. I also appreciated the support materials, the bookstore, and class location.”
~Pam Johnson