Feng Shui Practitioners Certificate Training

Module 6: The Tao of Geometry

The Tao of Geometry with Marnie Muller and Mark Hanf

Tao is most often translated as “way” or “path” and in this 4 day course our labyrinthine path leads us towards the center of Chinese Geometry.

Deep within the ancient art and science of Geometry lies a beautiful and mysterious system of forms that has fascinated philosophers and sages from all spiritual traditions since antiquity. In this particular Foundation Course we invite participants to awaken their own deeper levels of perception and to access the golden key of Sacred Geometry to unlock secrets encoded in the sacred symbols of China.

This multifaceted course integrates hands-on geometric drawing with dynamic multimedia presentations and invites students to explore the harmonic balance of Heaven and Earth, Form and Emptiness, Science and Spirituality, Mastery and Mystery, Yin and Yang.

The Great Square has no corners. -Lao Tzu

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