The European School of Feng Shui Prague

Founded in 1998 by Roger Green

classroomThe Prague school has been sponsoring Roger Greens Feng Shui curriculum for over 10 years.
Each year, Roger has taught approximately 1-2 modules per year, with other modules being taught by the schools director, Radka Hozmanova

In 2012, the teaching dates for Roger Green:

April 26-May 1
July 26-30

Email Radka for booking and all topics/subjects that Roger will be teaching

Bookings and more details:

Email: Radka Hozmanova

The Prague school of Feng Shui
Radka Hozmanova
Laudova 1018
Praha 6 - Repy
163 00
Czech Republic
PHONE + 420 60 42 82 141


2011-2012 timetable Feng Shui Practitioner course
Nov 25-27, 2011 Module 1 with Radka Hozmanova
Jan 25-27, 2012

Module 2 with Radka Hozmanova

April 26-27, 2012 Longevity Energetics, Food Tonics and Natural healing with Roger Green
April 28-May 1, 2012 Module 3 with Roger Green
July 26-29, 2012 Module 4 with Roger Green
July 30, 2012 Module 5 (part 1) with Roger Green (part 2 Spring 2013)

For other modules- refer to Czech website:


fountainMaitrea - a centrally located next to the old town Prague square, is a fully renovated old building, done on Feng Shui and Eco Design principles, based on Roger Green's teachings and consultation work. It houses seminars rooms, client therapy spaces and a unique restaurant.

The architect responsible for the complete restoration is a past graduate of the Prague school of Feng Shui :

Olda Hozman
Phone: +420 603 188 966

large hallLocated a mere stone's throw away from Old Town Square, Maitrea is Prague's new vegetarian restaurant.

The restaurant consists of two levels, the top level being small and intimate and full of natural light; the bottom level is spacious, warm and welcoming.

The wooden tailor-made booths, Buddha decorations, fountains, a fireplace and design low lighting make the bottom level a quiet and lovely haven from the bustling Old Town of Prague.

The vegetarian menu is interesting and very affordable.

In 2009, the Prague school sponsored the Alchemy of Prague conference with Dan Winter and Vincent Bridges.


To view a interview with Radka in Czech language on czech TV about Feng Shui and natural healing: